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Once you hear the solution (needs new ending)

with Maria Marsala
by Invitation Only

See if this sounds familiar: You're working 60 to 80 hours per week, but feel like you’re not accomplishing anything. The paperwork is piling up. Calls with clients are as short as you can make them. And you're frustrated because you're not able to prospect and market yourself.

Your friends call, but you cut the calls short. You sense that your family members feel ignored.

Your revenues have not been growing enough to justify the amount of time you're spending at work. You don't have any time to hire or train others to help you.

No one goes into business for themselves to work days, nights, and weekends!


Like most of our clients, you’re very good at your job. You've achieved a certain degree of success and you're ready for more -- if only time was on your side.

What if we told you that time had nothing to do with it? That "time management" is a myth? The only thing between your present circumstances and the life you WANT to live is simply learning how to transition your practice into a business with proven processes, work-flows, and documentation--SYSTEMS that maximize your time (not manage it). SYSTEMS that turbo-charge your productivity, drive revenue growth, and make you fall back in love with your business again.


Who Will Benefit From Attending This Program?

Can you can say a resounding "Yes!" to at least 5 of the following statements? Take our private survey (your answers will disappear when you refresh or leave this page):

My quality of life is suffering because I'm working too many hours.

I'd like to become the obvious choice for my prospects.

I'm not making enough profit to sustain the life I want to lead.

No matter what I do, I can't seem to break through and get to the next level of growth.

I often feel frustrated or overwhelmed. It's like I'm spinning my wheels.

I'd like to sign on more well-paying ideal clients.

I'd like my firm to stand out from the crowd of others who do what I do.

I spend WAY too much time in the back-office, which takes a lot of time away from my clients.

I'd like to learn how to form mutually-beneficial strategic alliances with other business owners.

I want to feel more confident in my management and leadership skills.

Often, my employees, customers, vendors, etc. don't seem to understand me, listen to me, or follow through on their actions.

I'd like to learn advanced business strategies that million-dollar producers and businesses use.

Did you say yes to at least 5 of the statements? If so, you're ready to implement time-savings -- productivity building -- business-building SYSTEMS into your firm!

Stop working yourself to death in order to achieve more success!

Business Accelerator Inner Circle

Business Accelerator Inner Circle shows you how to play a bigger game, impact more people, earn a whole lot more money and free up a ton of your time.

Imagine how rewarding and fulfilling it will be when you are impacting so many more lives.

Picture what your business and life will look like when you leverage your time and dramatically increase your income.

Welcome to the Business Accelerator Inner Circle, a bi-annually virtual coaching and training program, where where we've created a safe environment for financial advisors and small business owners to get back on track and create the firm of your dreams. We’ll show you our detailed process and personally assist you to follow the same measurable and proven system that our private clients have used to grow their businesses into empires the size of their choosing.

No travel required. Enjoy taking this program from the comfort of your office or home.

What This Program Is Not

Business Accelerator Inner Circle is NOT a sit back, listen, and observe program. Its about preparing, acting upon, and achieving. Before each session you're expected to roll up your sleeves and work on a core business principle crucial to your bottom line. At each session you'll be helped to take what you created to an even higher level ???____ need to add something here.

After the calls, don't expect business as usual. We won't sugar-coat it. You'll be working harder as you incorporate everything you're mastering from our sessions. You'll want to ask your team for feedback on the new direction of your business, develop a more cooperative team model, assign roles for implementation, and energize your firm.

And the day will come when you realize you can "breath" again as you enjoy your work again. Those are the words our clients use when they realize that the daily emergencies are gone. The days that their staff stopped communicating with each other, are gone. Now, they're enjoying their firms more, they have more time to work with clients, and they're spending more time with their families and friends -- and finding alone time, too!

The reward for your work will be your result$.

From the start of the program, you'll...

Best of all, you'll have the freedom to perform highly profitable and enjoyable tasks--like engaging with and prospecting for clients--and delegate the rest.

The Results You Can Expect

The Business Accelerator Inner Circle program is about helping you take your business to the next level -- whatever that means for you. Below are some of the results you can shoot for as you participate in the Program:

  1. Find the right clients and staff without wasting a lot of time or money.
  2. Recreate your business model so you're only doing the things you love.
  3. Create quality systems to monitor customer service, marketing, networking, and social networking.
  4. Get a constant flow of proven tactics that make your business more efficient and profitable.
  5. Improve your revenue, price your services right, and feel more confident talking about money.
  6. See sales improvements, better control of expenses, and overall increases in productivity.
  7. Reduce stress and isolation -- and make fewer costly mistakes -- as you discuss and implement new initiatives with your peers.
  8. Gain a broader perspective as you improve business management in a confidential environment with candid feedback and support.
  9. Make long-lasting connections that increase your success ad that of your team, celebrating their wins along with your own.

Join a Business Accelerator Inner Circle. It's a small group of business owners and Maria, a 35-year business veteran, who understands the issues you face because she's been in your shoes. Businesses have different owners, but the pressures and challenges you face when growing a business are very similar. Plus in this peer group, your experiences facing certain challenges will support other business owners and vice-versa.

NOTE: You'll get hands-on experience as you strengthen your business each week. You'll have "happy homework" to complete each week. You will leave the program with practical wisdom, new skills, tools, and systems to optimize your people, processes, and profit to incorporate into your work each day. In addition, you'll get advice from your peers.

Mike Klasco "Aside from forcing us to focus on growing our business, your programs and hands-on support helped us create the plan for our future growth. Despite a tough economic terrain, our client satisfaction and retention rates have improved and profits are higher than ever. Your help in teaching us when to "throw the fish back" and walk away from inappropriate prospects and business has saved us far more than we invested in your program." Read more of what Mike had to say here

Mike Klasco, Audio Engineer and Nora Wong, COO, Menlo Scientific, Richmond, CA

"After working with Maria for just three months, I tripled my monthly income. Usually, after tax season, I have to look for work. This year, clients were waiting for me to be available."

Nancy Owyang "Maria's "no band-aids," all around approach helped me create a strong business foundation that continuously helps my business be more profitable, efficient, and healthy. The business plan process helped me create an easy to update system for marketing, taking action, and monitoring my efforts. I have taken leaps and bounds in the first few years of my business, and it has been a great experience both personally and professionally."

Nancy Owyang, Creative Director & Owner, Eye 2 Eye Graphics, Everett, WA

Mary Strursa "Many of the questions on your exhaustive list of ideal client questions weren't part of my thought process and answering them opened my eyes to new possibilities. I came away with a specific, factual description that helps me recognize my ideal clients after 30 seconds of a conversation, so I can now easily avoid spending time with people who AREN'T my ideal and move on to those who are!"

Mary Stursa, Fashion Designer, Owner, Seattle, WA, Noble Furs

Apply Here
We'll answer all your questions and then you can register for this program. complete online

What You Get With This Program

This course is designed to help you make major strides in how you market and in the way you run your business...quickly! Here's what you'll receive as a member of our most popular group program:

  1. Preparation Kit:
    Receive your kit as soon as you register. These assessments will help you get crystal clear on what parts of your business are working for you and which parts need to be worked on in the business and marketing plan you'll be crafting soon.
  2. Marketing Welcome Kit:
    You'll be receiving this kit in the mail (if you live in US or CA). It's packed full of productivity and stress-busting articles, your CDs, and some special goodies. It's delivered directly to your office or home.
  3. Skills Development:
    Our core-principals curriculum includes training, tools, and accountability resources to help you become a more productive, profitable, and confident leader. Topics relate to planning for growth, profitability, client acquisition and management, networking, social marketing, team building, planning, and more. (Read more about the Curriculum)
  4. Sessions:
    Eighteen group training action sessions on the first 3 Tuesdays of the month (the fourth week is for you to further incorporate what you've learned into your business).
  5. Session Replays:
    Each call will be recorded and accessible to members only. If you wish, share these recordings with your staff.
  6. Expert Support:
    Get the training and advice of a well-rounded business leader with 35 years of experience, who has worked in various departments in financial companies large and small, and who, over the years, has worked with small business owners in more than 40 industries, in 7 countries.
  7. Accountability:
    Our weekly Success Tracker email provides you with week-by-week successes and access to Maria for support, suggestions, and to keep the momentum going strong. Except Maria to ask the difficult questions and give you a (gentle, loving) kick in the ass forward, when it's necessary, of course.
  8. Private Forum:
    Enter a private Coaching Forum specifically set up for your group. This is the way we'll keep in touch between sessions. Post any questions you have, ask for critiquing of the marketing collateral or business process you're working on, etc. Maria will visit the Coaching Forum daily and expect to get feedback from your peers, too.
  9. Peer Accountability:
    You have the choice to be paired up with an Accountability Buddy, another member, for additional feedback and advice between sessions.

When your business structure is in order, you can work less, play more, and enjoy life more.


BONUS #1: Ideal Client Mastery Program:
Our proven, repeatable, 6 step-by-step program helps you choose your niche, define your market, and more. Includes an easy to complete workbook, 3 audios, Go/No Go Spreadsheet, Current Client Traits Spreadsheet, Client Services Matrix, sample ideal client profiles, and more.

BONUS #2: Financial Services Tool Kit CD
Includes planning templates, tools and calculators, scorecards, budgets, pricing sheets, and sample business and marketing plans.

BONUS #3: LinkedIn Cheat Sheet
You'll receive our LinkedIn profile fill-in-the-blanks template in MS Word. We tell you exactly what to write and how much space you have to write it in! Complete the template, send it to your Compliance Manager, and once approved, copy and paste it to your online profile.

BONUS #4: Performance Management Spreadsheet
You need to monitor your efforts. During the program, you'll create your to-do list in our Action Plan spreadsheet to keep you focused and moving ahead.

BONUS #5: Marketing Audios
Access to more than 10 marketing and technology podcasts to help you market smarter.

BONUS #6: Client Vault
Six-month access to over 500 checklists, templates, forms, etc., to help you get MORE things done!

Your Consultive Coach For The Program

Strategic Business Coach, Planning Strategist Maria MarsalaI'm Maria Marsala, Financial Advisors' Coach. I'm asked often how I became a Wall Street trader and executive at age 22. Truth be told, I wanted a well-paying job and that meant traveling by train from Brooklyn to Manhattan. I spent 4 days applying for jobs in buildings located near the first train stop in the city before being hired, as a clerk, by Merrill Lynch.

Soon afterwards, I became determined to own my own home, along with a few other audacious goals. I created a 5-year goals list and "to dos" for each goal. I looked at what I could do on my list every day. The more focused I became, the more action I took, and the faster I realized my goals.

At work, I accomplished more than my predecessors in half the time by finding efficient and effective ways to do my job. My free time was spent helping out the operations and trading desks. The systems I created put me out of a job and I was offered other options on the trading desks. Over time, the operations and trading management SYSTEMS I spearheaded saved the firms hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. I got noticed and promoted to Jr. Trader. On my 25th birthday, I purchased a home.

Limited number of places available

To guarantee that everyone gets the full attention they deserve and benefits the most from this program, we're limiting attendance to just 10 members. You'll get coaching and training from Maria. You'll support each other throughout the program and each attendee will leave with a personalized, step-by-step plan, so that you know exactly what you need to do next, when, and how.

Preference will be given to financial industry business owners. But no two similar businesses will be allowed to participate if you live in the same state unless the members agree it's OK.

Apply Here
Maria will answer all your questions and then you can register for this program complete online

Develop clear strategies.
Move your business forward faster.
Get focused and watch the result$!

"Because I'm a numbers person, I've always had trouble with the "writing part" of planning and setting aside enough time to write a business plan. I knew I needed to have a plan on paper, not just in my mind.

Monica BarnardWhen Maria offered a ONE page business and marketing planning process that could be done in ONE day, I knew that could do THAT much! While preparing for the workshop, I realized that I was in a stagnant place and needed to do new things, including niching, to bring in new business. Read how Monica's client acquisition rate increased from 2 to 10% after executing her plan!

Your Investment

If you were to work with Maria 1:1, you'd invest $3,500 to $24,000.

That might seem like a lot of money, but if you learned the skills and had the tools to grow your business for the next 10 years, wouldn't it be worth it? (Especially if you could get a return on your investment in the next 12 months?)

This program costs a fraction of 1:1 coaching, yet you'll be ready to accelerate the growth of your business in a matter of weeks.

Your Investment: One-pay: $2,750 (save $232) Six-pay: $497 per month. (Total value of $8,645, see our curriculum) Compare programs. Click here.

The power of the group awaits you!

Don't put it off any longer: Tap into Maria's brain, along with the collective wisdom of an Business Accelerator Inner Circle, and be at the top of your game!

Do the work and you'll not only meet your business goals, you'll exceed them. With the right resources, support, and information, you'll produce effective and efficient systems to reduce stress and create more free time.

Learn what countless others have discovered.

You'll find more clients, money, and freedom by creating systems for routine tasks, focusing on money-producing priorities, and leveraging your time. Get the back-end of your business under control by creating simple business systems and you'll have more time for the things that matter.

Back-end systems can guide new client acquisition, customer service/loyalty, marketing, planning, brainstorming, networking, pricing, hiring, HR, and much more. An efficient and effective back-end, running like a well-oiled machine, allows you more time to do what you love -- you know, what you actually went into business for!

Which Plan Suits You Best?

Select a plan to view further details, including the next available dates, and more of what you will get when you join an Business Accelerator Inner Circle:

Apply Here

Your Business Accelerator Inner Circle is waiting for you. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to have the business and life you have always wanted. Join us and see for yourself!

Upwards and onwards,

Maria's Logo

Business Strategist, Financial Advisor Coach, Author, Speaker, and former Wall Street trader

P.S.: If you are ready now to invest the time and effort it takes to sustainably grow your company and propel it to new heights of success, join the next exclusive, Business Accelerator Inner Circle, apply today!

P.P.S.: If you wanted to work with Maria, but haven't because of the cost, this program provides you with services at least half our normal rate. The monthly payment plan is super affordable. There are no excuses left, so choose your plan and make the next 12 months the best ever!

Apply Now!

Enrollment in this program is by application only. The program is limited to 10 people and there are currently 10 spots left.

Apply Here
Maria will answer all your questions and then you can register for this program. complete online

Program Information

This is a virtual program. It will take place using Skype or an online webinar program.

Dates: First 3 Thursdays in November, December, January, February, March, April
October 16 -- Bonus class on using LinkedIn.
November 6
November 13
November 20
December 4
December 11
December 18
January 8* Starts a week late, due to the holiday on the 1st
January 15
January 22
January 29 -- Bonus class on Personal Visioning
February 5
February 12
February 19
March 5
March 12
March 19
April 2
April 9
April 16
April 23 -- Bonus class on creating strategic alliances

Start time: 4:14pm Eastern / 3:14pm Central / 2:14pm Mountain / 1:14pm Pacific

Apply Here
Maria will answer all your questions and then you can register for this program complete online

Are you ready to move your business forward?

Questions before you sign up?

Please contact Maria through her personal email:

Cancellation Policy

Maria will transfer your ticket to a future workshop or a credit slip for 1:1 coaching.

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