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As an advisor, you're an expert at finding opportunities to help your clients reach their financial growth goals. Ironically, chances are very good that you do not have a (written) plan to achieve your own growth goals! Based on my work with clients, 75% don't serve enough ideal clients OR have a business model that helps them reach their own financial and personal goals. Does this describe you?

How do you change your business model? How do you kick-start your growth? When your business is working at its best, there is a synergy between people and systems. When this synergy is missing, your business can't grow because it's consuming your life.

If you'd like innovative solutions to create synergy between people and processes, consultative coaching may be for you.

At Elevating Your Business, we work with advisors who are seeking to substantially grow their firms by serving more clients and simplifying the way they run their books of business. We do this by providing you with access to new insights, resources, training, and award-winning business growth support.

The truth is, you CAN "have it all" when your business is congruent with your core values.

Let us help you redesign your firm around your life goals.

Simplify Business, Advise More, Live Better

Business Accelerator Team Accelerator
You'll have two 1-hour live sessions via Skype, phone, or webinar meetings each month.

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Get just-in-time email coaching -- unlimited email support to help you achieve the results you want. Don't let issues that need immediate attention simmer. Contact us with concerns, ask for resources, or get a 2nd opinion whenever you need it.

checkmark picture Plus unlimited urgent calls by phone.
Gain access to the Personal Foundation® coaching program. Put your personal and professional visions into your business and strengthen your core. We'll use these assessments to refine your firm's business model.

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You'll get Maria's proprietary program, Market Smarter: Hit Your Ideal Client Niche, with tools to refine your niche, define your ideal client, and unlock the power of niche marketing.

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Together, we'll create a customized consolidated business growth plan including three visions, key metrics to monitor, and an action plan. Keep your operations and marketing plans clear and concise. Use the planning process to improve execution and drive results all year.

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Complete your weekly Success Tracker because YOU make success happen. It's designed to be a simple, all-in-one tool to empower your success!

You You & 3* Team Members
Get access to our library of over 500 business and personal development templates and tools. If you need a tool we don't have, Maria will find one or create a new one. You will finally have the tools you need to refine your critical business systems.

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You'll gain access to Maria's programs and audios such as Networking to Increase Your Net Worth, Article Marketing, LinkedIn Demystified, and many more, to use yourself or to share with your team.

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To build a culture of alignment, execution, and predictable results, two months after your consolidated plan is complete, Maria will work a day virtually with 3* of your key players. Each will create a 12-month plan for their positions within your firm. Their plans will support both your overall plan and their job descriptions.

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We'll work 1:1 with the 3* key players to solidify your team members' plans and get your approval on what they develop. Their plans will be placed online where they can monitor their own efforts, and you can, too.

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Producers who have created plans may also create (as a group) a quarterly sales plan to make it easier to focus, execute, and achieve annual sales goals...90 days at a time.

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A month after you approve your employees' business and sales plans, add an additional 3 hours per month of consultative-coaching to use yourself or for your team. Brings your total hours to five per month.

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$1,500 mo. $3,500 mo.

Important To Note

Travel and meals, yours or mine, are not included in the above figures.

If your business grossed $300K-$400K in revenues in the past 12 months, we can customize this package to fit your budget or you may qualify for deferred payments. New advisors or those whose gross earnings are under $300K are welcome to join a virtual coaching group or solo-advisor program.

* Team Accelerator package includes planning system with training for up to 3 team members who you'd like involved in the process. Up to 10 team members can be trained at a time for an additional fee. This training (and any other work we do together) can occur in person. Just add travel fees.

SPECIAL NOTE: These are 12-month programs designed to re-align your firm around your core personal values and financial goals. The monthly fees are an average of the total work and hours to be done over the course of one year. In business training months, the outlay of hours is 4-6 times more than in non-training months. These programs are non-cancelable. If necessary, you can put a "freeze" on this package due to an emergency, like an illness, but there are no refunds and monthly fees are due, as agreed upon, until 12 months is up.

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Balanced Approach

"Maria is a top notch business consultant and coach. I hired her for a consultation which turned out to be a great opportunity for me to see my business from a very experienced mentor's perspective.

A "woman of her word" she followed through, by email, with informative links and resources to every single topic that we discussed. Maria shares a well balanced approach, taking into consideration that "life happens while you\'re running a business". She is intelligent and kind with a straight forward approach on how to manage day to day business more efficiently and in turn becoming more profitable. I would highly recommend Maria to Elevate Everyone\'s Business."
--Shelley Bertram Fallis, Financial Advisor, Armstrong & Quaile Associates Inc, Ontario, Canada