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Modules And Topics

This section contains Personal Foundation (personal topics) and Business Growth topics. I don't use a cookie cutter approach with my clients, Oh No! Each financial professional is unique, has different passions, and desires different things from life and business.

I usually recommend certain modules for clients based on the results of their assessment and their goals. Every business client creates an ideal client profile plus a business and marketing plan. Career and Executive clients create an ideal boss or job profile and a life plan.

Your Personal Foundation*

Fill in the blanks:
In the back of my mind, I'm afraid that people are going to find out that I'm a __________________.
The biggest obstacle I face in my personal life is ___________.

Now you know why I offer my clients the opportunity to strengthen their personal foundation. Because life happens when you're running a business. Your business and life are intertwined. If your business isn't where you want it to be, chances are that some area(s) of your personal life need to be strengthened, changed, or adjusted, too.

Below are some of the topics you can add to your personal toolbox.

Saving Your Sanity

More Fun Now

Choose From These, Too

These modules are powered by materials I've designed over the years, plus The Personal Foundation program by Coach U and the Discover Your Strengths assessment, too.

Business Growth

How do you know what you're doing right from what is ineffective? Answer: You assess your baseline and start creating SYSTEMS that are easy to monitor. The acronym S.Y.S.T.E.M.S. stands for Save Yourself Stress, Time, Money and Succeed!

I have step-by-step processes, measuring tools, worksheets, online courseware (and so much more) to guide you through various activities and document the results.

An example of the business growth modules are:

If you are ready to take on a Kick Ass Coach, complete the Personal Assessment schedule a Discovery Interview Session

The Core Components Of Our Program

Each person works at a different pace. The schedule below is a guide based on my client's typical desire to "get things done" and fast-track their business growth. All programs are customized to the type of business and life you want to lead; however, I ask that new clients complete all the sessions in the first 2-4 months for maximum results.

Preparation: Conduct A Business Audit & Life Goals (Valued at $1,450)
When you complete the Business Audit, you get a snapshot of the places in your business that deserve a hurrah and the places that need your attention. I'll give you a SWOT Assessment and Value Proposition Template, too. The Strengths Inventory, Communications Style, Tolerations List, and Clean Sweep Program will provide you with useful insights we'll use in sections. You'll also identify various life goals so that your business better reflects the way you want to live your life. The answers to these assessments reveal, on paper, where you and your firm stand today. When you reach Session 6, you'll easily set goals that will help you succeed.

These assessments will save you a ton of time and get you moving forward more quickly. Send me what you create at least 4 days before we start working together. We'll meet for 90 minutes or so to further discuss and clarify the work you've done.

"Ideal client focus: Top performers know what types of clients they want to work with and what types of clients are a good match with the practice's philosophy and approach. They are disciplined about when and why they make exceptions and don't chase markets or clients that might dilute their focus."
-- Ameriprise Financial, White Paper, Sept. 2011

Session 1: Deciding Who To Work With (Valued at $750)
Let's get to it! This is the start of your journey to market smarter. Niches are general groups of people, products, or passions. You'll get clear about your niche and develop a particular area of expertise. All your marketing materials will be consistent and you'll start attracting prospects will love working with you ... as much as you love working with them. The goal of this session is to choose a niche.

Sessions 2-3: Getting into the heads of your ideal clients (Valued at $999)
Choosing a niche is important and that's usually where people make the mistake of marketing immediately. They soon learn they've skipped a step. What's next is learning EVERYTHING about your ideal clients within the niche you've chosen. Using my Ideal Client Mastery Workbook you'll get crystal clear about who your best clients will be. Your marketing will be more effective because when you meet others, when you network, and when someone sees your marketing materials, they'll know if they're a good match for you -- or not. The best matches give the best referrals, too!

"You were born to win, but to be a winner you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win."

--Zig Ziglar

Sessions 4-9: Your Pain-Free Business & Marketing Plan
(Valued at $3,500)

Choose the way you'd like to complete the next 5 business and marketing plan sessions:

Session 4: Envision Your Visions
You'll create a powerful, crystal-clear vision that pulls you (and your team) forward. It will help you hyper-focus on the major priorities of your business. You'll create 3 different visions to help you make better short and long-term decisions using our 8-step process and reusable template.

Session 5: Mission Possible
This is your consistent reminder of why the company exists from the viewpoint of your clients. Missions don't change, if they do, then much of the company has changed. I'll show you how to create your mission using my triple-duty Features/Benefits Spreadsheet. The words you place in the spreadsheet will be used to create your mission but you'll also have words to use in your Business Snapshot (elevator speech), as well as keywords for your website and marketing materials, too.

Session 6: Goals Monitor Your Success
If you've been drifting or working very hard but not going anywhere, either your goals are missing or they're not consistent with your vision and mission. Your six-month goals will take your vision up a few notches. They involve taking part in a powerful process that gets you thinking about an ideal future and what you want to achieve. You'll quickly spot time-wasting distractions when you have goals to guide you and your business.

Session 7: Make Your Dreams Come True
Strategies are necessary to reach your goals. They're the processes you'll put into place, the consistent marketing you'll incorporate into your business, the people you need to hire, and the processes you'll add to your business to assure that you have your best year ever. Using fill-in-the-blank templates, you'll create balanced business development and marketing strategies based on what will help grow your business the most in the next 6 months.

Session 8-9: Your To-Be-Done List
Action plans are simple and effective tools that give you a framework for how you'll complete a project more efficiently. They are easily monitored and help you finish an activity in a sensible order. You'll know what to do and when to do it when you create a to-do list for each action to ensure that you don't miss any key steps. Also, because you can see each task laid out, you can quickly decide which tasks you'll delegate or outsource, and which tasks you may be able to ignore.

Execute Your Plan

Session 10-11: Pricing & Productizing Your Services (Valued at $2,000)
Let's take a look at each of your existing services and how they help your ideal clients. Chances are, we'll tweak your offerings and in some cases productize them and give them names that catch the attention of your ideal clients. We'll also take a look at the free services you provide, balancing the time you give away with the benefits your firm receives. Eventually, some activities could be monetized. This is another document that you'll be able to share with your team.

Session 12-13: Developing Your Marketing Funnel and Calendar (Valued at $2,400)
You've been working your plan, and the marketing efforts in it. The next step is to create a process that gets the work done because your team in on board and knows what to do. The marketing funnel will streamline your marketing efforts. A calendar you develop will be used internally by each of your team members. We'll also look at which of your efforts can be placed on autopilot so that you can focus on doing more high-profit activities that you enjoy.

Sessions 14-20: General Execution Sessions (Valued at $2,000+ a month)
What we work on depends on what's on your plan, what skills you need to develop, and what problems arise.

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