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The live program is over, the notes have emailed, and the video will be distributed the weekend of June 6, 2014.


You can purchase the program for immediate download or on a CD. Read on and learn more about the program.

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Maria Marsala
Your Business Coach

Non-Profit Roadmap To Success

Do More With Less! It Takes a One Page Plan®

You may think business plans only benefit for-profit businesses, but today's non-profits need a roadmap, too. This is especially true in these difficult economic times, when achieving more with much less is the "norm".

The secret is out! Finally, there is a simple yet effective planning method, made especially for non-profits. Since 1994, more than 10,000 health organizations, human services, community agencies, hospitals, faith-based organizations, schools and more, have used this process to reach higher levels of success.

Planning for Real-World Results

Don't create a bloated master plan that you'll never use. Instead, learn a dynamic one-page planning approach that you'll use every day to guide your organization. This process is also highly effective in developing plans for key programs, projects, departments, and staff positions. Particularly in sub-optimal economic times, the right plan can mean the difference between success and failure.

Learn about a powerful process that

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In this presentation you will:

Who Should Attend

This event is only open to for current Executive Directors, Board Chairs, and Marketing Managers at nonprofits in WA State. If you are in a different position and would like to attend this event, please contact me Thank you.

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This program took place on June 6, 2014

The program notes and workshop on video are available for purchase
Questions or to ask Maria to speak at your firm: Contact Maria Marsala

"It is always a good sign of how engaged attendees are when they linger after the meeting and continue the discussion, which they did."
--Patty Anderson, Executive Director, Washington Society of Association Executives
"Thanks you so much for your wonderful presentation to the Chamber. Your presentation on business and marketing planning was informative, professional, fun and a must for all business owners."
-- Peggy Kahler, Vice President Duvall Chamber of Commerce
"Wow, I am so impressed with your professionalism, the professional flyer you sent us and promptness. Oh my goodness, I am not used to this kind of action, but it is very cool and thank you so much!!! What a great example you are of truly "elevating your business"!!!!"
-- Jeanette Harem, President Tacoma Business & Professional Women Association
"After completing our plan, I've had success using the methodology at a board retreat. It helped me focus on what we needed to be doing. And I've used the planning exercise for a number of little projects and found it a time saver."
-- Susan Trapnell, Managing Director ACT Theatre, Seattle, WA
"As a result of your direct efforts, I am greatly pleased in how our staff and board are discussing core issues for SCAN's future. In one day you've given us enough to keep us busy for a year. You are a great resource of ideas, suggestions and connection to other helpful resources. I look forward to other ways for us to collaborate."
-- Marshall Parker, Executive Director SCAN TV, Seattle, WA
"I attended your workshop at the American Society of Women Accountant's Conference on creating a one-page business plan. Several members and I were excited at the possibility of turning our lengthy Strategic Plan into a one-page document using your materials. We accomplished our goal and had the opportunity to share our plan with our Ukrainian counterparts who were looking to start an accounting organization."
-- Jana Helmuth, Past President America Society of Women Accountants, ASWA, Seattle, WA

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About The Trainer, Maria Marsala

Maria Marsala has a passion for supporting individuals to reach their goals, in record time -- something she's been doing since she was 10 years old, while living in Brooklyn.

Maria worked on Wall Street from 1973-1992 (19 years), primarily in the Municipal and Government Bond Departments. She served as a clerk, was promoted to a retail trader in six months, and doubled the units income in a year. She developed various ways to streamline trading operations and eliminate (former) trade problems. She delved deeply into problems to get to their core, and designed simple solutions to complex operational problems. She created or updated various systems and then shared her results with other trading departments. Maria developed a reputation as someone who could get things done.

While living on Staten Island, Maria was on the executive board of the Gateway-New Dorp Beach Civic Association and spearheaded a local International Beach Clean UP Campaign. She worked with the New York City Parks and Sanitation Departments and helped six other groups create clean-up programs in their communities. Also, Maria worked with the police department to expand its youth program into new neighborhoods and spearheaded National Night Out activities. Maria won numerous awards, recognitions, and citations from government departments and the community for her work with children and on behalf of the environment.

Maria left Wall Street twice to work in nonprofit management. Since 1980 she has been conducting and was on the receiving end of strategic planning exercises, on Wall Street, as a life-long volunteer, and as staff at nonprofits.

As a lifelong volunteer (starting with tutoring younger children at age 10), Maria has served nonprofit organizations in several capacities including various board positions and Executive Director. Maria started helping others start and grow nonprofits in 1979. She created her first strategic plan for a nonprofit association in 2003 and since then has created plans for nonprofits organization or chapters of such, in Silverdale, Poulsbo, Seattle, and Everett, WA. In 2010, along with the North Kitsap Herald and Poulsbo Inn, she held a 3-hour planning program for local nonprofits. She has been a speaker at Washington Society for Association Directors, Evergreen (a nonprofit clearing house), and numerous Rotary Clubs

Elevating Your Business

In 1998 Maria created Elevating Your Business, a business, marketing and life coaching, consulting, and courses company. She celebrated the 15th Anniversary in December 2013. Today Maria works primarily with financial advisors, and on the side, with nonprofits leaders.

Maria Marsala became a certified and licensed One Page Business Plan Consultant in 2003. She has assisted CEOs, presidents, executives, executive directors, board managers, church leaders and their teams, create over 70 strategic business and marketing plans. Some of these plans have been featured in business books, most notably as samples of the companies best-selling book, The One Page Business Plan®.

Thousands of individuals have attended Maria's business and personal development programs. Venues can be virtual or in person, for example: 1-hour or 8-hour webinar or Skype meeting and 2-hour, 3-hour or one-day in-person programs. Maria has taught programs in Victoria CA, Las Vegas NV, Staten Island NY, and in Washington State in Everett, Seattle, Anacortes, Pt. Townsend, Tacoma, Lynnwood, Spanawayw, Gig Harbor, and Fife, Bainbridge Island and Poulsbo. She's been a trainer at two colleges, a Small Business Development Council, private Continuing Education programs, as well as conduct strategic planning programs at conferences in Portland OR, Salt Lake City UT, at company retreats or meetings

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Balanced Approach

"Maria is a top notch business consultant and coach. I hired her for a consultation which turned out to be a great opportunity for me to see my business from a very experienced mentor's perspective.

A "woman of her word" she followed through, by email, with informative links and resources to every single topic that we discussed. Maria shares a well balanced approach, taking into consideration that "life happens while you\'re running a business". She is intelligent and kind with a straight forward approach on how to manage day to day business more efficiently and in turn becoming more profitable. I would highly recommend Maria to Elevate Everyone\'s Business."
--Shelley Bertram Fallis, Financial Advisor, Armstrong & Quaile Associates Inc, Ontario, Canada