Expires March 4, 2019


No, you’re not dreaming.  Get UNLIMITED consultative coaching sessions for three months for less than 500 bucks a month (USD)!


What? Apply for three months of unlimited “Work Smarter Laser Coaching” at the unheard-of one-time price of $1,497.


When? This offer is good until March 4, 2019 or until the first 10 business owners or executives register.


Why? This is my 20th year in business, so I am celebrating, and you get to benefit!


How? Apply online to talk to me about joining the program: https://wp.me/P68jts-yq


For the next 3 months, let me coach you to:

  • Determine your niche
  • Create your business plan
  • Banish burnout and get more things done
  • Design your marketing funnel
  • Create a budget to get out of debt, reduce expenses, or save for a home
  • Hit your next income milestone
  • Hire your first or next employee
  • Get ready to go independent


I’m limiting this offer to the first 10 people who register because I want to make sure you get the attention you’re applying for.

–>Apply here: https://wp.me/P68jts-yq



  1. An exclusive link to schedule 15-minute “Work Smarter Laser Coaching” sessions with me Monday through Friday (Eastern US Time). During each session, I’ll review your “happy homework,” we will discuss your progress, and determine what you need to do next. (First session with me will be 30 minutes.)


  1. You may ONLY sign up for your next session when you’ve finished your “happy homework.” For example, if you have your call on a Tuesday and do your homework the same day, then you can call me back on Tuesday if time is available or schedule a call for Wednesday.  If you have your call on Tuesday and do your homework on Saturday, you can schedule your next call for Monday.


  1. You have three months to get on the phone with me for as many weekday sessions as possible and move towards your goals at your chosen pace. That’s March 15 to June 15,


If you’re ready to have a world-class business strategist, transformation consultant, and life coach in your corner for the next 3 months, then here’s the link to make it happen:

–>Apply here: https://wp.me/P68jts-yq


My 1:1 clients pay between $1,250 and $3,000 per month to help them achieve their goals.  You’ll get access to that same extraordinary level of advice and direction during our 15-minute laser sessions for the next three months.

If you have any questions, email me asap because this offer is over on Monday or when it fills up (10 spots remain). So, act fast.

–>Apply here: https://wp.me/P68jts-yq

“Maria is a top-notch business consultant and coach. I hired her for an hour consultation, which turned out to be a great opportunity for me to see my business from a very experienced mentor’s perspective.”  – Shelley Bertram Fallis, Financial Advisor, Armstrong & Quaile Associates Inc, Ontario, Canada

“Maria isn’t known as the Resource Queen for nothing – she knows everything there is to know about running a business successfully and where to go to find the tools and services to do it. Maria’s advice and strategy have been invaluable to the clarification and execution of my business goals.” – Nicole Wexler, Decorator & Stager, Turquoise Decor, Redmond, WA, http://www.TurquoiseDecor.com


“Maria Marsala is an outstanding business coach, who provides invaluable information on a variety of topics. Maria cuts to the heart of any challenge and provides resources and solutions from her vast experience. Maria has been a key resource in helping me publish my first book, Insider’s Guide to Doing Business in Mexico. The quality of the book is due to Maria’s assistance and encouragement. I highly recommend Maria to any business person looking to take their company or project to the next level.”  – Richard Villasana, Speaker & President, Marketing to Mexico, San Diego, CA, http://www.MarketingtoMexico.com

–>Apply here: https://wp.me/P68jts-yq

If you run a business, doesn’t it make sense to hire someone who’s helped grow small businesses into bigger ones? Someone you can see knows about marketing and Internet marketing and has the training and experience to boot!

I’m looking forward to helping you have the business you’ve been dreaming about.  It starts here.

Upwards and onwards,



P.S. If you still don’t believe me or don’t know if I can help you, then EMAIL ME and ask me questions.  Also, there’s no risk in completing an application and talking to me.  Take the best action you can and get some Work Smarter Laser Coaching.

Apply here: https://wp.me/P68jts-yq

P.P.S. When the link no longer works, the offer is over because the first 10 people acted.  Click here to find out if you can still get in on the very best thing you can do for your business for less than $500 per month:

Apply here: https://wp.me/P68jts-yq

P.P.P.S. Whether you are just getting started or you are already a 6- or 7-figure business owner, this 1:1 laser coaching program will help you move towards accomplishing your goals.

Apply here: https://wp.me/P68jts-yq



Below is what is not included, should you require any of these services or products and would like to add them on:


  • You will not receive any items in the mail from me, including a Welcome Kit or books you’d need to read for a specific goal you’re setting. (Range: $5 to $50 for any of the books I might recommend)
  • I do not give you any One Page Planning software to help you create your business and marketing plan more quickly. If your goal is to create a business or career plan during the next month or two, I REQUIRE that you purchase the software at the additional fee. (Fee: $175 for 2 ½ months of use)
  • You get 1 free assessment and 1 free eBook after our initial 30-minute session and payment. I’ll choose which assessment/eBook you need based on your goals for the 3 months.  After that, eBooks or assessments you need would be an additional fee. (Range: $19 to $299 each)
  • This program does not include “unlimited email coaching” or email coaching, i.e., the back and forth emailing I do with my 1:1 clients. However, you may send me 1 homework-related email, and I’ll review it during your 15-minute call.  (The fee for unlimited email coaching is $350 per month.)

Sessions are limited to 15 minutes, and you’ll hear the bell when time is up for the day.  This helps you “bottom line” things with me and will help you do it with others over time, thereby saving you time with clients.  If you want to talk for longer than 15 minutes, the fee is $397 for each 50-minute session.

–>Apply here: https://wp.me/P68jts-yq