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It’s Manage and Then Market

Once a financial advisor has established a niche and ideal client and has set solid business goals, then and only then should marketing be considered.  Indeed, the planning tool I have taught my clients to use for almost 20 years (and that I use myself) is a business AND marketing plan.

Your marketing plan should help you reach your ideal clients—and your financial goals!  My guest blogger, Jill Addison, provides financial advisors with wise tips to help create the most effective videos for practice growth.  Video is a powerful marketing tool in our time-starved and entertainment-focused world; however, before you spend one dime on video marketing, keep these tips in mind!

 — Coach Maria


5 Top Tips to Grow Your Practice in 2019 with Video

By Jill Addison

Here are 5 Top Tips to make your marketing irresistible using the most effective marketing tool available today: video.

  1. Create custom videos that are laser focused on your niche. When you demonstrate your expertise in your niche with video content, you show your prospects and clients that you are truly an authority and an expert, to the point that you have your own video series about your specialty!


  1. Make sure your videos are short and sweet. The ideal length for marketing videos is 1-2 minutes, so don’t make the mistake of believing that people will give you their time in our rushed world. Keep your marketing succinct. You’ll find that you’ll be a better communicator when you force yourself to be brief.


  1. Educate, Don’t Sell. A widely-acknowledged best practice in marketing is using “Content Marketing”, which means that you provide valuable educational content about your niche to attract your ideal client. When you demonstrate your expertise through your digital marketing, you’ll build good will and be seen as a valuable resource for the financial questions your prospects and clients are asking themselves.


  1. Remember, you don’t have to appear on camera to create video content. If you don’t feel comfortable on camera, don’t worry. There are video solutions that can be even more effective, like whiteboard videos. (To see an example of whiteboard videos for financial advisors, click here: )

Whiteboard videos are especially well-suited for financial services, because they help make complex concepts simpler and more  understandable. They also help put your prospective and current clients at ease, because of their light-hearted, whimsical nature. Financial topics can be intimidating, so this helps your prospects and clients feel better and understand what you’re helping them with more easily. In fact, these videos actually cause dopamine to be released into the viewer’s system, which puts them in a happy state of mind and makes them more likely to take the next step with you. So there’s a scientific reason why these videos work so well.   Professionals like you are seeing 5 times more people open emails that include the word “video” in the subject line than other content. And digital marketing experts say video gets noticeably more clicks in social media than other types of content.


  1. Leverage your video content on multiple digital platforms. Video is like a super tool that makes every other digital marketing strategy more effective. Post your videos on your website, your blog, your social media, and in your email newsletter to get maximum return on investment.


Watch a video case study of how one financial advisor attracted 9 new clients using online marketing strategies including video, click here:

To learn more about how to get your own whiteboard videos, watch the webinar here:


Jill Addison is the Founder and President of FA Client Machine, a digital media company specializing in helping financial advisors automate your marketing, stand out with educational and entertaining videos, and engage prospects and clients with your digital presence.