New Tax Form For Business Owners (and others)

Just an IRS alert: For many years, we used 1099-Misc to report payment to nonemployee compensation (money we paid another individual or company) most often for services they provided above $600. That's changed this year and I am providing some resources to you to learn more.   Unfortunatly, the IRS has not changed the process by

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How To Create An Advisory Firm Business Plan When It’s The Last Thing You Want To Do

Creating your first business plan, whether you're new to business or an established advisor starts with introspection and continues with your answers to the 24 business development questions below. I've provided you with questions that will get the process going. If you're in need of funding, answer these questions BEFORE you sit down with business

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A Must Have “Business Best Practice” For Advisors*

It's a must-have because many other  "business best practices" include questions this exercise answers, too!  The tool is called The F.A.B. Exercise.  F.A.B stands for features, advantages, and benefits. I started using the process I teach you below to help me rename my business. Then as clients needed to name or rename their business or

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Quiz: Are You Coachable?

The best time to hire an advisor is when you're ready.  Sounds simple enough, but as an advisor yourself, you know that there is more to being ready that most people realize. I'm sure you've had clients who went through the motions and you knew they wouldn't better themselves.  People who wanted quick fixes when

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