20 Best Business Spring-Cleaning Tips

18. People Want What You Don't Use Spring cleaning started March 1. I’m using a tip I learned last year, when I moved 3000 miles. First, office supplies and old desks/chairs don’t sell at yard sales; however, one group of people, TEACHERS, need them all and then some. Through the BuyNothingProject.org (BNP), I found a

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Meeting Schedulers Can Increase Advisors Productivity Request our Guide

Give your clients, website visitors, and others, the option of scheduling appointments themselves. Instead of all the back and forth emails or calls, use a Schedule Calendar App. Improve productivity? Sure. First, clients who schedule meetings on your calendar save you time. But more than that, every time you're interrupted during the day, it takes

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2017 Stock Market Holidays

Actually, I'm providing you with a listing of Stock Market holidays until the end of  2019! What can you do with this information? 1) Ask your assistant to add these days to your firm's online calendar. 2) Place these holidays and early days off on your firm's physical office calendar, the calendar that includes your vacation days,

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10 Tips to Turbocharge Your To-Do List

You have a to-do list, right? Despite your list (and your best intentions), do you often haphazardly start your working day? When it’s a miserable Monday, terrible Tuesday, or overwhelming Wednesday, your to-do list probably gets shoved aside as soon as you slide into your office chair. Obviously, a to-do list alone does not make

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Financial Advisor Template: Business Vision Statement

By (1) ______________ grow (name of your firm)(2)____________________________________________ into (an adjective)(3) ___________________________________ (4) working with clients living in _____________________________________. Your (5) _________________________________________ firm provides these free and fee based services (6) _____________________________________________ to this ideal client (7) ____________________________________________. In general, we measure success by working (8) ______ hours a week, having a team of (9)

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