Here’s What’s Wrong With Your New Prospect Meeting

Chances are that the way you conduct an introductory meeting with a prospect is backward. Same goes with the way you introduce yourself in person at a networking event.  Same goes with how your website is set up. Let me explain.  When we work for someone else, including working in Corporate America, like me, we learned business best practices from the standpoint of the company. It’s more about the company, then the client, and then you. Things change when you own your own business. Plus, over time, and especially with the introduction of the internet, today’s prospects are looking you up online. But they’re looking for connection, respect, understanding, and value before they plunk down their hard-earned cash. It’s time to unlearn some of what we’ve been taught. Do you send your clients a long checklist of paperwork to bring with them to the introduction meeting? Why? For starters, if you get to the point where they hire you, wouldn’t their last financial statements be enough? Is your current process about introducing yourself, your company, and talking about the services you provide and the process you take clients through? Do you try to educate the prospect about fiduciary, CPF, PFS, IFA and other information that is important to you? While those things may make YOU feel good, starting with YOU is part of a system that doesn’t build trust.  In fact, so often, advisors spend so much time on what they offer and how they do it