Quiz: Are You Coachable?

The best time to hire an advisor is when you're ready.  Sounds simple enough, but as an advisor yourself, you know that there is more to being ready that most people realize. I'm sure you've had clients who went through the motions and you knew they wouldn't better themselves.  People who wanted quick fixes when

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6 Step Advisor Growth Framework For Success

Every successful advisor on the planet is doing these six things to scale their business.  See which factors you’re already using and create those you’re missing.  You still have five months left in the year to add these systems to your business and see how they work for you!   Pricing Pricing your services “just

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12 Sources of Niches

12 Sources of Niches Here are the general ways my advisor clients have chosen their niche over the past 20 years.  For the most part, niches are “who” you work with, not the products you provide, as things used to be. They can be: Who you were Who you are Who you want to be

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Business Tax Tips

10. Keep it in the Car It's so easy to lose a receipt or not remember a trip you've taken, Keep an envelope in the car and put every receipt in it. When the envelope is full (or before your bookkeeper arrives) bring the contents of envelopes into your office. Then, have your bookkeeper pull

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Grow your financial firm faster

There are several advantages associated with guiding business owners and executives to grow businesses for twenty years. One is the ability to identify common obstacles as (or before) they surface and advise action that transforms circumstances into success stories. For the past twenty years, I’ve helped established businesses grow by $6 million and start-ups to

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Women Business Owner Special

(Men, I will host a similar sale for you the week after Father's Day, so get ready!)   Happy Mother's Day to the many business mom's I'm connected with on social networking, on my email lists, and who read my blog.  And to women like me, without children who are nurturing, loving women business owners. Schedule a one-time,

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