Quiz: Are You Coachable?

The best time to hire an advisor is when you're ready.  Sounds simple enough, but as an advisor yourself, you know that there is more to being ready that most people realize. I'm sure you've had clients who went through the motions and you knew they wouldn't better themselves.  People who wanted quick fixes when none were possible.  Individuals who wanted to do some of the necessary work but not follow through. Clients whom you just couldn't help because they weren't ready or were running through the paces because they were told it was the right thing to do. So, before you invest in yourself and your business, and the services of a Results Consultative-Coach, it's so important you're in the right mindset to: Be serious about growing your business in a systematic way. Take a thorough look at your people, processes and profit from a drones eye view. Understand that overall, your business is a reflection of the state of your life. Remove all the Band-Aids you've been putting on problems you've been experiencing for years. Be ready to cut through the crap, leave your ego behind, and be ready for honest feedback. Kick bad habits and thinking to the curb. Commit to act now and execute daily business management and marketing activities. Make an investment in your life and your business and hire a new team member - me! If you believe that's you, take the "Coachability Quiz" here. Upwards and onwards, Maria Marsala Results

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Great Cost-cutting Tips for Entrepreneurs

72. Teach & Implement It Online A live event is costly and time consuming for the owner and the attendee. In 2005, I held my first 1-day strategic planning day for a group online. Gone was the cost of the venue, renting technology, food, refreshments, airplane, etc. The cost was the use of a webinar system. I can charge attendees less, too! I taught part 1 and answered questions. Attendees got offline and did the work. I was available by phone/email during breaks. We got back online, provided feedback, and then started part 2. Thanks to: Coach Maria Marsala of Elevating Your BusinessCoach Maria Marsala of Elevating Your BusinessCoach Maria Marsala of Elevating Your Business (that's me, the owner of this blog). Read 71 more ways to cut costs here

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6 Step Advisor Growth Framework For Success

Every successful advisor on the planet is doing these six things to scale their business.  See which factors you’re already using and create those you’re missing.  You still have five months left in the year to add these systems to your business and see how they work for you!   Pricing Pricing your services “just right” appears at the beginning of this list because successful advisors price their services based on the value they provide to their clients and on what their ideal clients will pay.  They don’t give away services or lower their prices because of future earnings.  Their clients don’t often ask for discounts.  Successful advisors are willing to cut a client meeting short if the person/people in front of them aren’t the “right fit” and, thus, not worth the advisors’ time and effort.  They don’t pick their pricing out of a hat or based on articles they’ve read.  They plan their services, touchpoints, and fees around their ideal clients.   Productize People buy products more quickly than they buy services, so stop selling services! To productize is to name every service you provide.  So, it’s not Financial Planning, but a Financial Planning Formula, or a name based on the result of identifying your ideal clients’ core challenges.  Don’t have a First Session; conduct a Work Smarter Session, a Clarity Session, a Getting to Know You Session.  Many of my clients have a “product” called “Second Look Consulting”.  Naming something your ideal clients would relate

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12 Sources of Niches

12 Sources of Niches Here are the general ways my advisor clients have chosen their niche over the past 20 years.  For the most part, niches are “who” you work with, not the products you provide, as things used to be. They can be: Who you were Who you are Who you want to be Passion based Hobby based Association based. (military, organizations you belong to, etc.) Alumni based Mega-company based Individuals who work for a specific company Industry based Based on a family discomfort or situation (as in dad died young, left no will, etc.) Accidental based (you check your client base and realize that you just have a lot of these types of clients and enjoy working with them)   Are you ready to Manage Your Niche? Download and  Watch our video here   Read more about niches  here

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Business Tax Tips

10. Keep it in the Car It's so easy to lose a receipt or not remember a trip you've taken, Keep an envelope in the car and put every receipt in it. When the envelope is full (or before your bookkeeper arrives) bring the contents of envelopes into your office. Then, have your bookkeeper pull out what's deductible. Keep a pad in the car to write all of the day's business trips. You're bound to get extra business mileage because you logged in a side trip that you soon would have forgotten! Thanks to: Maria Marsala of Act Now Seminars. For 17 additional Business Tax Tips click here.

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An Easy 2019 Plan For Independent Advisors / RIAs

Do you want an easy way to plan for 2019?  What if I told you there’s a way to create a business plan in just 5 steps, with very little writing required? It’s true.  I’ve been teaching this planning system for years and I use it myself and for all my private coaching clients. I’ve also presented this planning strategy to hundreds of business owners over the years, and now you’re invited to view this workshop—for free! I call it “Working Smarter: How to Create a Strategic Business Plan in 5 Steps” ====> View this video. Have a pen and paper ready to create your business vision and take notes: https://eyb.easywebinar.live/registration-2 So, go ahead, make planning easy on yourself this year. Heck, after viewing the video, treat yourself to an extra glass of eggnog—you’ve earned it! ====> View the video now.  Get your 2019 planning under control the easy way: https://eyb.easywebinar.live/registration-2 Hey, leave some eggnog for Santa, will ya?   Merry Christmas! CoachMaria  

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Grow your financial firm faster

There are several advantages associated with guiding business owners and executives to grow businesses for twenty years. One is the ability to identify common obstacles as (or before) they surface and advise action that transforms circumstances into success stories. For the past twenty years, I’ve helped established businesses grow by $6 million and start-ups to quickly grow to the $100,000+ level—and everything in between. I founded Elevating Your Business in 1998 to specialize in working with financial advisors, planners and professionals who make their living by offering their services and expertise. Within these ranks I’m drawn to the challenges of team consisting of 1-20 employees or consultant.  This is also my own business model. The people who hire me all possess an expertise and passion which they are attempting to leverage. While it’s great to have expertise and passion, you’ll never get to use them if no one knows you exist!  Advisors struggle with that greatly affect their ability to generate consistent streams of new clients and retain the clients they have.  Overcoming these obstacles by managing your business and then marketing your firm to ideal clients helps you grow your firm faster with clients you love to serve. Believe it or not, planning is an area where advisors miss the mark.  Most advisors do what comes at them next.  However, the most successful advisors have a business and marketing plan they use daily to set the firm’s priorities.  Read full article here.

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Women Business Owner Special

(Men, I will host a similar sale for you the week after Father's Day, so get ready!)   Happy Mother's Day to the many business mom's I'm connected with on social networking, on my email lists, and who read my blog.  And to women like me, without children who are nurturing, loving women business owners. Schedule a one-time, fifty minute consultative-coaching call with me to discuss your business, at a special rate. Receive specific recommendations and resources to help you solve your most pressing business hurdle(s).  You bring your questions to the call. Get my 40 years of business experience, 20 years from Wall Street Executive  and another 20 years as a (service) Business Owners.  Pick my brain, ask for resources, tell me what's going on and where you're stuck.  This is a call to give you the next steps and solutions. Your call will be: 1. Held as a webinar or teleconference. 2. Taped for you to listen to any time you want.  Clients tell when they listen to the call a month later they "hear" something new. 3. Transcribed so that you don't miss any advice - ever. After the call you'll receive a post-call email with prioritized, specific solutions.  If the right answer is a vendor or provider, I'll send you my vetted recommendations. I want you to be able to take action to boost your business more quickly. Reg:  $475 Special: $300 To apply: 1) Fill-in my usual first meeting application  I'll need very little background information

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