8 July 2018

10 Reasons to Hire Coach Maria as Your Business Coach

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Are you considering hiring a life or business coach? When you hire Coach Maria, you get two for the price of 1! Below are some of the ways we can assist you. Clean Sweep® stress from your life. Open more free time. Accelerate your business growth. Clarify your values. Have a balanced life that works well. Make better life & business decisions. Address what you are tolerating. Reach your full potential. Ipmlement a life and business plan. Affirm your state of integrity. Ready to advise more, work less, and live better? Contact Maria now! The next 12-months can be your best ever!

9 February 2017

Hire a Coach Resources

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Want To Be A Coach? Looking To Hire A Coach? These Resources Can Help! The Professional Coach Is... Your partner in achieving business and personal goals Your champion during a turnaround Your trainer in communication and life skills Your sounding board when making choices Your motivation when strong actions are called for Your unconditional support when you take a hit Your co-designer when creating an extraordinary project Your beacon during stormy times Your wake-up call if you don't hear your own, and most importantly Your coach is your partner in having all of what matters most to you. Copyright Thomas J. Leonard, 1955-2003, Father of Coaching, Founder of Coach U, Coachville, and two coaching associations ICF,

3 June 2016

Are You Coachable?

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All people are coachable, but they’re not always coachable at every point in time. Sometimes, people want to experience change, but they’re not currently open to adjusting their beliefs, behaviors, or mindset. Sometimes, they aren't comfortable with stepping outside their comfort zone and taking action. For the coaching relationship to be successful, it takes much dedication, honesty, openness, and effort on your part, as the coachee. It also involves introspection, a willingness to try on new things (even for just 7 days), and to make your life and business a "no excuses" zone. Part of the coaching relationship involves you interviewing perspective coaches to see if they're a good fit with what you’re looking for and

30 April 2016

Financial Industry — In the Beginning Quiz

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There had to be a different way to start a practice management workshop for financial advisors, I thought to myself. Then I picked up the book I was reading, a book that was recommended by Warren Buffet and Bill Gates -- "Business Adventures: Twelve Classic Tales from the World of Wall Street". And right there was the answer. Enjoying US history as I do, I decided to compile a list of questions I can pick and choose from and have my audience answer. I thought that others might enjoy answering these questions, and created a quiz about the beginnings of the industry I grew up in, have enjoyed thoroughly, continue to participate in, and have enjoyed

15 August 2015

Business Coaching for (Newer) RIAs & Financial Advisors

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New RIAs and financial advisors. Grow your financial firm on a strong footing. I love working with Top Advisors and my programs are geared towards their needs.  However, I'm always looking for affordable ways to help (newer) advisors to become Top Advisors.   For my purposes, you’re new” if you've been independent or working for a firm for less than 3 years and your revenues are under 250K.  OR you've been around the block a few times but your revenue is less than 250K a year. In the past few months, I've had conversations with many newer advisors who come to the gate with big lofty goals and small pocket books (purses, or attaché cases).

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