Hire a Coach Resources

Want To Be A Coach? Looking To Hire A Coach? These Resources Can Help! The Professional Coach Is... Your partner in achieving business and personal goals Your champion during a turnaround Your trainer in communication and life skills Your sounding board when making choices Your motivation when strong actions are called for Your unconditional support

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Are You Coachable?

All people are coachable, but they’re not always coachable at every point in time. Sometimes, people want to experience change, but they’re not currently open to adjusting their beliefs, behaviors, or mindset. Sometimes, they aren't comfortable with stepping outside their comfort zone and taking action. For the coaching relationship to be successful, it takes much

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Financial Advisor: Get free expert guidance, feedback, and resources

As part of Global Entrepreneur Week, November 18-24, I am offering free 20-30 minute coaching sessions to FINANCIAL advisors, planners, executives, mangers and professionals AS WELL AS nonprofit executives. Sessions are available on the hour or half-hour starting at 9am and ending at 5pm on NOVEMBER 22, 2013. Schedule your by completing the application at:

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