Do You Know If You’re Making the Right Decisions for Your Business?

Do You Know If You're Making the Right Decisions for Your Business? Something is stopping you from having the time to market to new prospects and service existing clients. Attend Maria's next business growth planning webinar to find out what it is! Use our killer process to determine your firm's priorities and become a more efficient business owner. Take one day to arm yourself with new strategies and insights you can immediately execute.       Attendees will walk away with a simple system for: -- Communicating a clear company vision for your team, clients, and vendors -- Planning for business growth and setting tighter priorities -- Marketing strategies that won't break the bank   At the end of the day, you'll print your plan and use it the very next morning! (If you can wait that long.)  Best of all you don't have to travel to attend this program (unless you want to).  It's a webinar!   Business Management & Marketing on Steroids. Learn how to create your company's roadmap

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Are You Willing To Give A Lifetime Of Experience Away?

13. Are You Willing To Give A Lifetime Of Experience Away? Before considering a Mastermind group you must decide if you are ready. Are you ready to see your business substantially grow? Are you committed to sharing your best ideas? Are you looking for a group of peers in same industry members (or not)? How often and for how long does the group meet? Is the meeting time convenient? Is it a virtual or in person group? What is the cost? How many people are in the group and how often do you get a chance on the help seat. When you join a MM group you will be part of a group who is purposely working together to improve their businesses, and provide support for each other. Expect that the higher your income, the more a group will cost — be it monthly fees or retreat attendance. Expect to give away your experience, strengths, and hopes to your group members, and get it back 8 times over. Learn more about our next Empire Builders Mastermind Program, click here. Read 25 Ways To Find The Right Fit in a Mastermind Group

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Get Some Frik’n Help!

How many hats can one person wear before they end up burnt out? Once you’ve hired a bookkeeper (yes, even if you’re an accountant) to do your work, the person you need the most is someone VERY local. A Personal Assistant helps you in the garden, iron your cloths, clean the house, take the kids to “x”, and work in your office, too. They work part-time, maybe while their children are in school, after school, or on days they’re not in college. Hire someone who is willing to expand their hours and work on special projects and you’ll grow your business. (c) 2011, Maria Marsala of Elevating Your Business

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Find Support and Strength with a Mastermind Buddy

"A Master Mind may be created through the bringing together or blending, in a spirit of perfect harmony, of two or more minds. Out of this harmonious blending the chemistry of the mind creates a third mind which may be appropriated and used by one or all of the individual minds The Master Mind will remain available as long as the friendly harmonious alliance between the individual minds exists. It will disintegrate and all evidence of its former existence will disappear the moment the friendly alliance is broken." -- Napoleon Hill, Law of Success So what the heck is a Mastermind Buddy? A Mastermind Buddy (MB), also called an Accountability Buddy, Mastermind Partner, etc is your on-going support between group meetings, a partner in support, available to provide assistance and advice. Who A Mastermind Buddy is:       o  an excellent listener.       o  your cheerleader.       o  your accountability partner.       o  ready to keep confidences.       o  willing to push you.       o  able to help look at places you're stuck.       o  able to discuss assignments or brainstorm.       o  open to new ideas.       o  honest with themselves and their Buddy.       o  able to inspire you to stay focused.       o  ready to change and grow.       o  open to give willingly and freely.       o  never a hog of the conversation.       o  able to leave judgment at the door. What Agree to meet regularly to nurture each other's business intentions and goals for "x" amount of time. Spend half of the time working on Buddy number 1's situation, and half on Buddy number 2's situation. Where Buddies can meet

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What is a Mastermind Group?

Enjoy this audio that was taped in 2009. Audio: This is an overview audio on Mastermind Groups taped in 2009 Learn more about our Mastermind Program by going to Millionaire Business Mastermind Our next mastermind program is called Business Accelerator Program and it starts in July 2010

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9 Business Building Reasons To Join a Mastermind

No one, no way, no how can be completely objective about their own business. Period. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s look at it. You can’t objectively look at your business, and neither can I look at my own business objectively. Our families and other loved ones, look at our businesses and give us either no support because they’re too afraid for us. OR they give us biased support based on their own biases or not wanting to hurt our feelings by telling us the trutht. That doesn’t mean that we need to just go out there and ask people for ideas and help; I’ve tried that myself, and with the exception of those I’ve hired, I haven’t been given much good advice. In fact, I’ve had to stop talking some of the original people I put into my “loosly-knit” board of advisors, because they were giving me advice based on themselves and not on my goals or dreams! In 2001 I created my first mastermind group by gathering a group of collegues from a few coaching email lists. With the exception of one person, I knew no one. We started off at 15 people and then within a month or so, ended up with 5 and I went out looking for more, since I wasn’t sure if the 5 would even stay! I started the group thinking that we didn’t need a “leader” and that people would volunteer and just be greatful

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