NYSE and Bank Holiday List 2021-2022-2023

2021-09-29T14:08:58-04:00September 27th, 2021|Client Appreciation|Comments Off on NYSE and Bank Holiday List 2021-2022-2023

Simply looking at a calendar is one easy way to help business owners plan your yearly marketing calendar! It also let's the world and your team know when the office is open and closed during the holidays. Once a year, add your holiday hours to your Google My Business and BING Business profiles.  Next, publish this information on your website, too. Alerting your team members to when the office will be closed or observing half days is important to them. This will also help streamline vacation requests and manage expectations. Hosting client appreciation events is just one way to show clients that you value their business—aside from the usual birthday and holiday cards/gifts or just a