23 April 2018

Advisors, Here’s An Excellent LinkedIn Cheat Sheet Infographic

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Today, as I was looking for an image to use on a new LinkedIn article, I came across the Ultimate LinkedIn Cheat Sheet by Legion Jobs. Using a Cheat Sheet, for LinkedIn, is nothing new for me.  More than 10 years ago, I created a LinkedIn Cheat Sheet for the first social media workshop I conducted at a conference. What I needed then was more of a fill-in-the-blanks, tell me what to put where, and how many characters I can use sort of Cheat Sheet. Something that can be given to compliance to approve or change. But what's really interesting about the Cheat Sheet below is that it's an infographic -- a step-by-step graphic walk through depicting a

4 April 2018

Determining What To Tweet On Twitter

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Clients often stay away from Twitter, understandably, due to compliance regulatory issues. Aside from that, inexperienced users aren’t always sure WHAT to post. So, what are some things you can tweet about? Here’s a brief list to get you started: Current blog posts that have been approved. Old blog posts and articles. Events your ideal audience will appreciate. Other people’s blog posts, events as they relate to the work you do. Information your ideal clients would enjoy even if they are off-topic. Responses, feedback, opinions on your followers’ posts. Images with comments from events you are speaking at or attending. Ask a question or for a recommendation. Your quotes or words of wisdom. Industry news. Pictures

4 October 2017

Three ways to make your LinkedIn profile stand out a bit more.

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Want to make your LinkedIn profile stand out a bit more? Use 1. bold, 2. symbols, 3. fancy fonts, and more. One thing to note: Behind each of these symbols is html (website) code. So don't use symbols on the most important words people would search on to find you, unless you have those words written in "normal" text on many areas of your profile, too. What happens if you don't know how to code a website? No problem, just: 1) put the words you want to use in the search feature 2) click show 3) it will show you your options 4) copy and paste the option you like best into your profile. For words:

24 May 2017

Advisors: Don’t Let LinkedIn Shut You Down

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Don't Violate LinkedIn's User Agreement Terms Even if you don't use LinkedIn, and I'm not sure why you're not using it as a marketing and prospect tool, your LinkedIn profile is working for you. When you search someone's name using Google, Bing, etc.  chances are that the person's LinkedIn profile will appear  on the first page, in the first 3 spots.  Sometimes before their own website. Try it! Because of that, your name, on your LinkedIn profile is very important. I learned just how important when, in 2010, after 6 years of using LinkedIn, my account was suspended without LinkedIn notifying me.  One day I went to my account, and couldn't get in. Last thing I

6 March 2017

Automatically Send Twitter and Facebook Your Posts

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Today's technology tip is a time save. It's called Revive Old Posts, and it's a free WordPress plugin. Actually, their original name is Tweet Old Post, and it keeps your old posts alive and attracting traffic to your website. The free version of the plugin sends posts (articles) that you have on your blog to your Twitter and Facebook accounts at a time you choose. I've been using it for 4 years now, and have it set to send out a post every 10 hours. This way it looks like I'm more active online than I am. And if you're not active very often, but have a good number of blog posts, you can look more

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