28 December 2020

More clients, more fun in 2021?! YES!

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Women Financial Advisors… What if you could: Attract more ideal clients to your business with targeted marketing? Uplevel your team and align everyone with your business vision and purpose? Transform your mindset and eliminate the limiting beliefs holding you back? Spend MORE time working with clients and less time hunting for prospects? Join the ranks of the industry’s top advisors whose secret is “niching rich”?   Would any ONE of these improvements help your business take off in 2021?   Hello, my name is Maria Marsala. I’m here to introduce you to the profitable reality of creating a niche for your financial firm. It won’t cost you a penny.  It’s all in an on-demand, ready-to-play 45-minute

2 July 2019

9 Qualities of Your Ideal Clients

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Let's get right to the point.  As a business owner, we all want great, long-term clients.  This is where the adage "you get what you envision "comes into play. Are you envisioning your ideal or best clients walking into your office or contacting you online?  OR are you running your business based on scarcity? If you own a service business, your niche must be in a lot of pain, dealing with major challenges, frustrated, or sick and tired of the status quo.  Otherwise, they are not going to look for outside help, ergo, they're not going to hire someone like you ... at any price!   What Makes a Client Ideal? I'm often asked, "What makes

13 June 2019

12 Sources of Niches

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12 Sources of Niches Here are the general ways my advisor clients have chosen their niche over the past 20 years.  For the most part, niches are “who” you work with, not the products you provide, as things used to be. They can be: Who you were Who you are Who you want to be Passion based Hobby based Association based. (military, organizations you belong to, etc.) Alumni based Mega-company based Individuals who work for a specific company Industry based Based on a family discomfort or situation (as in dad died young, left no will, etc.) Accidental based (you check your client base and realize that you just have a lot of these types of clients

20 May 2019

Managing Your Niche in 2-Steps

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When I speak on stage or meet advisors "around town" and we talk niches, they always ask: "Where is my niche from?" First, let me tell you what a niche is.  It's a general description of whom you work with.  And if all you do is create a general description of who you work with, that's not enough.  In fact, it's only one part of how to "Manage Your Niche".   An article I published, that has received numerous mentions and retreats, listed 157+ possible niches to get the process started. Managing Your Niche is 2-Step Process Having worked with clients on simplifying and growing their business, niching starts by "Managing Your Niche." It's a 2-step process where

11 May 2019

What’s The Most Effective Way To Reach New Clients?

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That's a question asked by a member of Alignable.  Here's my answer! Pin down your niche (general "who" you work with).  Start here  Take your niche up a level and create an ideal client profile.  "Paint" a picture of who your niche is and and make sure they can pay you what you deserve and value what you provide.  When you do this right, they'll tell you where they hang out and how they want you to reach more of them.  Stop selling or "hunting clients down"! Selling is old school.  Connecting is "in".  Find ways to target your ideal clients in a way that attracts more of them to you and in ways you can

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