18 March 2020

Video on “Going Virtual” with Your Business During this Crisis

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Your Presenter:  Maria Marsala, Elevating Your Business INSTANT REPLAY WITH NOTES NOW AVAILABLE! Are you ready to meet with prospects and clients virtually?  Let me help you discover easy online strategies that can help your business thrive, even in these disruptive times.  Learn how to take the best of what you've been doing offline and add online tools and strategies to give you and your clients options on how you can work together and attract more of your ideal clients.   You'll also see how easy it is to get appointments booked and reminders sent out without you doing anything! We are all facing an unprecedented situation as the coronavirus causes chaos, fear, and worry for

5 January 2019

FAs: Two Free Business Workshops Advisors: View Until 1/15/2019

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Manage Smarter: An easier way to plan Watch here How would it feel to have the next 4 quarters planned out for more business success? What if that plan was strategically and tactically designed to generate more profit each and every month? It's time to stop flying by the seat of your pants. Help yourself get more focused and help your clients get clear on what you do, what you stand for, and how different you are from the competition. JOIN US TO DISCOVER: • Common mistakes financial advisors make when they set out to plan their year •5 specific steps to help you identify the most important places to spend your time and earn more

20 May 2018

Advisors: How to Create Your Niche (Free Webinar)

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Why should an individual seeking a financial advisor contact YOU?  Why should your clients risk their reputation and REFER you?  What makes you STAND OUT? If you answered, “Great customer service!” or “Experience!” or "Fee-Based" your voice evaporated in a crowd of thousands.  If you talk about your credentials, how you’re paid, or your fiduciary responsibility, you’ll only confuse the stranger you’ve just met. Wouldn’t you like to be SOUGHT OUT by prospects instead of constantly chasing them?  As a financial advisor, you need to establish a connection with the clients you’re looking to serve.   If prospects aren’t finding YOU, you are missing your niche. In this program, you’ll learn how to differentiate yourself so that you become the OBVIOUS CHOICE for clients.  You’ll discover practical strategies for

28 September 2017

Advisor Business Building Videos (3)

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To celebrate my 20th year in business at the end of this year, I'm giving you free access to 3 Business Building Videos. There is absolutely nothing to buy. There is nothing to subscribe to (unless you want to get more marketing and management tips from me. My clients use these videos as a basis to create their business plan, niche, and develop an ideal client profile. Now, so can you! Video: Niche Clarity The first step in strategically acquiring clients is to determine a niche; a general area of people/population, passion, and product/service. If you don’t have a niche or need to change it, start here: http://www.ElevatingYourBusiness.com/webinarsmine/NichingElevatingYourBusinessCoachMaria.mp4 Video: Business Vision Statement / 5 Steps To

12 March 2017

Free MS Office Training For All!

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When you put aside 10 minutes every morning for computer training, in one month, you'll increase your productivity by saving yourself many extra steps, over and over again. Last week I taped a podcast series for an association and learned that the PowerPoint slides I submitted weren’t formatted properly.  Someone at the association fixed them. While my version of slides looked great, I had used square slides when the current preference is rectangle. What I also realized was that it had been nearly 10 years since I attended a computer class. Egads!  Today I added a 2-year reminder to my Outlook calendar so that I don’t get this far behind ever again. So, this week, I

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