25 March 2019

The Best Ways To Deal With Difficult Customers

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Charge Them More! Create an ideal client profile and pay attention to its outcome. If you're not a hand-holder, create interview questions that will let you know that your clients can easily make their own decisions. Listen as the prospect answers. Most of us can catch "clients from hell" during the interview process (although we might not pay attention to our gut). If you want to work with the client anyway, raise your rates to accommodate the extra time it will take you to get this client's project done. Thanks to: Maria Marsala of Elevating Your Business. Read 104 more "Best Ways to Deal With Difficult Customers here:  https://www.carolroth.com/blog/105-best-ways-to-deal-with-difficult-customers/ They're on Carol Roth's website.  Carol is a

11 January 2019

Pricing Your Service: 7 Things To Ponder

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Life is all about making choices and growing. The same holds true when you're pricing your service. Use the articles below to assist you as you make informed decisions about price structure. Before you read the articles, consider these observations: a. I have never worked with a business owner who charged the right fees for their ideal clients. Early on, I made this mistake as well. Undercharging demeans the value you provide an makes prospects wonder what's wrong that you're charging such a low fee. When your prices are "just right" for you, you don't give discounts. b. Most often, things like the time it takes to travel to and from a client's site, the costs

12 February 2017

Is Your Financial Firm Leaking Profits? (Request free quiz)

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Is Your Financial Firm Leaking Profits?  Get Coach Maria’s  FREE Leak-Proof Profits Quiz. FIND the LEAKS and EARN what you deserve! To get a FREE copy of this powerful, thought-provoking profit assessment, follow these instructions: write "YES" in the comment section below (you will be whitelisted) follow this link to download it:   Pre-order Report Now   PLUS  immediately receive our Advisor's Toolkit with business building videos, assessments, and our networking report.    Coach Maria’s Leak-Proof Profits Quiz . . . identifies 19 key (and often hidden) factors that can cause profit loss suggests easy ways to adjust your pricing for higher income and profits explains why you might be feeling dissatisfied with client work or your business—even

24 October 2013

Are you looking for ways to make your money go further?

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When I ask for a client's personal budget, many clients, including the financial advisors, don't have one or haven't looked at it for a long time. Those who watch their budgets (personal or business) always tell me there aren't any places they can save money. WRONG! Peter* is saving $500 per month personally. Mary* just sent me a note that she's now saving $1000 per year on one line of her personal budget. Why? They had their coach, who has a background in finances, check their family budget. Greg* isn't saving anything because he puts the $400 per month right back into the business for the target marketing he really wants to do. Request a Financial

30 November 2012

Do you live in a country that doesn’t respect wealth?

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"You can preserve wealth in a country that doesn’t respect it." -- Eric  Baldwin, Forbes Writer, in an article"Smart Money Strategies For Obama 2.0"  that  he wrote at http://www.forbes.com/sites/baldwin/2012/11/26/smart-money-strategies-for-obama-2-0/ Do you feel that we live in a country that doesn't respect wealth?  (and why)  Do you disagree? (and why)   What does being wealthy or successful look like to you? Personally, I agree with his comment.  For many, many years, I've noticed that as much as we strive for success, and for most of us wealth is a part of that success, it seems that as soon as someone or a company becomes "successful"  people look to "chew them down".  

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