9 October 2020

6 Ways To Improve Your Firms Local Online Visibility

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Improving your local online visibility is a very simple process. You achieve this primarily by filling out a profile for your business on various online directories. Some directories, like Google My Business, will even send you a monthly email to let you know how many times people viewed your profile and clicked to your site. You’ll have extra chances to be seen by people who currently don’t know you when they search for your business type. So, don’t forget to include your niche on each directory, when applicable. To register, simply go online, fill in your business information, and then wait for an approval email or postcard in the mail to verify that you are who you say you are.

4 February 2020

7 Ways to Improve Your Website For Potential Prospects & Clients

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Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net Your website serves as the first impression of your business online. Potential clients use it to compare your firm to your competitors’ firms. Therefore, it's a best practice to review your website for errors, inconsistencies, and other required changes each year. Below are a few common places to start shaping up your website.   Check for Broken Links on Your Website Broken links can occur on any website page. You’ll know a link is broken when you click on it and an “error” page shows up instead of the page you originally linked to. This happens because the page you linked to was either moved or has

22 July 2019

Must Have WordPress Plugins For Your Advisory Website

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A plugin is a piece of software that enhances the capabilities of what something can do. Some hosting companies (that's where your website files are located) offer a variety of plugins such as adding WordPress to your site in 1 or 2 easy steps. I did a 15-minute video on how to set up a WordPress site here.   Since then, I've moved all my sites to SiteGround, which has better customer service than the company I mention in the video but does things in pretty much the same way. You can view the video here. Themes are another example of plugins for your website. A theme decides the look and style of your website. This

7 July 2019

23 + Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website and Keep Them Coming Back!

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Here are some tips on what you can do to bring traffic to your website. Create a marketing plan so you can plan what to put on your blog monthly. Find easy ways for your clients to pay you and if possible, giving people an option to pay you online. Keep the timing of each page to a minimum. Get out and be in places your ideal clients "hang out”. Network: speak at meetings joining groups, etc. Be consistent with your company’s brand. Check the links on your site to make sure they work.  While people will forgive blog links that don't work, they will leave a website whose navigation links aren't working. Make sure your

16 June 2019

CoachMaria Recommended Website Resources for Financial Advisors

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I'm often asked the question "What software do you use for your website?" This article is meant to answer that question. In 1998, a website of 5 pages, with very few graphics cost $5K.  That was the year I started my business.  Like many new business owners, I had much experience and knowledge about the type of business I choose.  I had plenty of time on my hands and didn't have the 5K needed for a website. Unlike most business owners at that time, my business was going to have a virtual office.  That meant in order to be found online, my ideal clients had to be computer literate and I needed a website so they

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