17 April 2019

Advisors: Plan To Banish Time Wasters

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(this article was originally viewed on the AICPA website)   “I cannot make my days longer so I strive to make them better.” –Henry David Thoreau Time is money We’ve heard the proverb many times. But when it comes to balancing client needs along with all of the nuances of leadership in a practice, time often really IS money. How many times have you looked at the clock and realized the day was half over before you’d had a chance to accomplish even a fraction of what you’d initially planned? A 2014 study found that only 13% of advisers report feeling in complete control of their time. Alarmingly, an overwhelming number of professionals frequently experience time

23 December 2017

50 Ways Financial Advisors Find Serenity

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(even when serenity is the last thing on your mind!) Would you like to transform holiday tension and anxiety into serenity and calm using manageable and enjoyable steps? In the normal course of living, we all feel overwhelmed and stressed at times. It’s also common to get stuck in the muck for way too long. I know I did. What helped? Many years ago, my coach gave me an exercise to complete. I was to write a list of 10 things I could do when overwhelm took over. And it worked. So well, that when my own clients felt troubled and anxious, I gave them the same exercise to do. As time went on, my list grew and clients wanted my list too. And you'll

2 July 2016

Avoid Business Burnout: 7 Critical Planning Areas

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Advisors experiencing business burnout would do well to view how their firm stacks up in 9 critical and essential areas of business success. How many of the following areas in your financial firm need an overhaul? Use these descriptions to think through and establish your time and money-saving processes. Addressing each of these areas protects you from the overwhelm of business burnout and leaves the firefighting to the firefighters. Core Competencies: Built-In Business Burnout Protection This is about building a strong company foundation. Defining these items helps you think like the CEO of your company. It gives you a wider perspective and helps cut down on knee-jerk decisions. With your core competencies in place, you’ll cut

12 April 2016

32 Signs of Burnout in Advisors

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According to the Oxford University Press, burnout is the physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress. Burnout often creeps into our lives a little at a time. One symptom on top of another and the next thing you know, you’re using words like “overwhelmed”, “exhausted”, and “burnt out” to describe how you feel. There may also be a hidden societal issue at play; this has to do with your line of work. It is well known that social workers, nursing assistants, and non-profit managers are overworked and underpaid—and burnt out as a result. Many people think that because advisors (traders, CPAs, financial executives, etc.) earn an excellent living, they shouldn’t get burnt out, overwhelmed,

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