Do you do this as an entrepreneur?

"I believe anything is possible. I see opportunity where others see impossibility. I take risks. I'm focused. I hustle. I know that nothing is unrealistic. I feel overwhelming love. I embrace my childlike wonder & curiosity. I take flying leaps into the unknown. I contribute to something bigger than myself. I create. I learn. I

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Maria’s Visiting NYC Resources

Visit NYC A New York City themed montage or collage featuring different famous locations and areas of The Big Apple. Enjoy the following list of resources that I've compiled over my lifetime. If you have a problem with any link, contact me so I can research the problem. Summary: I'm a NYer and as

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Do You Know a Woman?

Paula Abdul | Check Yourself | Avon Breast Cancer Crusade   In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Avon Foundation for Women launches a powerful new call to action - #CheckYourself - featuring the release of this exciting new music video created with and led by acclaimed singer, songwriter and chorographer Paula Abdul. #CheckYourself aims

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The Joy of Growing Up Italian

Thank you to John Fusco who put this together.   It’s from   If you are an Italian American, get a few tissues.  The memories are very strong and heartwarming. The author grew up in an Italian neighborhood in the 40-50's, I can see how, in just the 10 years , (I few up

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