More clients, more fun in 2021?! YES!

Women Financial Advisors… What if you could: Attract more ideal clients to your business with targeted marketing? Uplevel your team and align everyone with your business vision and purpose? Transform your mindset and eliminate the limiting beliefs holding you back? Spend MORE time working with clients and less time hunting for prospects? Join the ranks of the industry’s top advisors whose secret is “niching rich”?   Would any ONE of these improvements help your business take off in 2021?   Hello, my name is Maria Marsala. I’m here to introduce you to the profitable reality of creating a niche for your financial firm. It won’t cost you a penny.  It’s all in an on-demand, ready-to-play 45-minute training video where I walk you through the exact steps for defining your niche. And in case you thought niching your business is too restrictive or leaves money on the table: “Specializing in a particular type of client is a recipe for huge success. [emphasis mine] Consider that a full 70 percent of top financial advisors—those earning at least $1 million annually—focus on a particular niche, according to CEG Worldwide research. In stark contrast, just 35.1 percent of financial advisors earning less than $150,000 a year have a niche focus. The message couldn’t be clearer: To emulate the success of today’s elite financial advisors, you need to find the right niche for yourself and your practice.” - Jonathan Powell, Managing Principal, CEG Worldwide, LLC, San Martin, CA   Register for the

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6 Ways To Improve Your Firms Local Online Visibility

Improving your local online visibility is a very simple process. You achieve this primarily by filling out a profile for your business on various online directories. Some directories, like Google My Business, will even send you a monthly email to let you know how many times people viewed your profile and clicked to your site. You’ll have extra chances to be seen by people who currently don’t know you when they search for your business type. So, don’t forget to include your niche on each directory, when applicable. To register, simply go online, fill in your business information, and then wait for an approval email or postcard in the mail to verify that you are who you say you are. Both Google and Bing have business pages, which help get your business found. Social networking sites often have company pages. Even, a very local social personal website, started a business/company section that’s currently free. Below are a few places where I recommend that you post your business information. If you’re a financial advisor, lawyer, etc., check with your compliance people or regulatory agencies before you add your business to these directories, to learn which parts of these sites are allowable (or not) for your business. Maria’s Recommended Business Directory Sites: Google Business: Bing Business: LinkedIn Company Page: Next Door: Facebook: Article on how to set up a page Alignable: A local networking site. And in case you want to go nuts putting your business online, here’s a list I found from a

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Video on “Going Virtual” with Your Business During this Crisis

Your Presenter:  Maria Marsala, Elevating Your Business INSTANT REPLAY WITH NOTES NOW AVAILABLE! Are you ready to meet with prospects and clients virtually?  Let me help you discover easy online strategies that can help your business thrive, even in these disruptive times.  Learn how to take the best of what you've been doing offline and add online tools and strategies to give you and your clients options on how you can work together and attract more of your ideal clients.   You'll also see how easy it is to get appointments booked and reminders sent out without you doing anything! We are all facing an unprecedented situation as the coronavirus causes chaos, fear, and worry for everyone on the globe. Here at Elevating Your Business, I help financial businesses grow and scale. During times of crisis, there are ways to communicate with prospects and be there for clients who need your help. We have surely withstood many times of uncertainty in the past. Together, by doing business a bit differently, we will get through this too! Join me for an important, FREE 45-minute Q and A webinar where I'll answer your questions about "going virtual", how to continue marketing your business safely, and working with clients in safe ways during this global crisis. When:  March 24, 2020.  Replay now Available with notes. Register below. Time: 1 PM (EST) (1 hour) Cost: FREE Register here: NOTE: There will be NO offer or sales pitch, of any sort, at

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9 Ways Advisors Can Easily Meet With Clients or Prospects Virtually

In 1998, while living in North Carolina, I presented a marketing program to 40 business development offices.  Nothing strange there, but the program presented was taught virtually.  I saw no students in person. The concept of conducting a talk virtually was alien to me as well as pretty much everyone in the offices.  And I have to say, with the headset and other technology on and around me, I felt like a Martian! Webinars were so new then, and mine was 20 minutes late due to some towns not being able to connect.  As far as I know, the state of NC was the first place I knew of to create a platform.  They wanted business owners in rural NC to get the same resources (speakers) as the business development centers in large cities. Fast forward 21 years and much has changed about webinars, especially what the technology costs! Considering that we're currently being told to limit contact with other humans, video conferencing or audio conferences are a great way to meet with clients and prospects. The technology can help keep all of us just a bit safer. So, what are your options? I see two options, and both involve technology.  The system you use depends on you and your comfort level with technology, but more importantly, it depends on YOUR CLIENTS' technical experience. If you are an advisor, it also depends on what compliance will allow.  So please contact compliance for what you can use and

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7 Ways to Improve Your Website For Potential Prospects & Clients

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at Your website serves as the first impression of your business online. Potential clients use it to compare your firm to your competitors’ firms. Therefore, it's a best practice to review your website for errors, inconsistencies, and other required changes each year. Below are a few common places to start shaping up your website.   Check for Broken Links on Your Website Broken links can occur on any website page. You’ll know a link is broken when you click on it and an “error” page shows up instead of the page you originally linked to. This happens because the page you linked to was either moved or has been deleted. A link can also be broken because it was originally mistyped. Broken links are annoying to your site’s visitors and weaken your website credibility! How do you solve this problem? Well, you can click on every link on your site (which is tedious and you’ll probably miss a few) or you can run a link checker app that scans your site and gives you a report of all your broken links. If you have NEVER checked your website’s links, I highly recommend that you run the link checker on your home page first. Why? It will check both the links within the page and the navigation links that appear at the top of every page. Once you fix the home page links, problematic navigation links won’t continue to show

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20 Ways To Choose A Topic & Content To Write About

Starting an article with a blank page in front of you is difficult.  This article will give you ideas on how to choose topics to write about and it may even bring you just a little more confidence to write your first or next article today.  Writing an article is easier than you think!   IF I CAN WRITE, YOU CAN WRITE At the end of 8th grade, it was highly recommended that I attend summer school for my worst subjects— Math and English (I barely passed these subjects).  I went; however, one month later I was diagnosed with pneumonia and spent the summer in intensive care at Maimonides Hospital in Brooklyn. Fast forward eight years. To increase bond sales among the Registered Reps at Bear Stearns, I interviewed the RRs to learn what they needed from the trading desk. (That is where I was working at the time as a Retail Trader). From those many conversations, I designed innovative marketing forms, provided more information than what was previously taking place, and eventually starting writing an article a month. The topics of the articles were chosen by me from a list of questions the RRs asked me most often. A colleague, George Adell, proofread whatever I wrote. I wrote about the nuances of municipal or government bonds.  I also wrote about the operational side because, well, it's very different than selling stocks, options, mutual funds, etc. Over time, I was asked to put all my articles into a

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Is It Time To Create Technology Boundaries At Your Office & Home?

Create technology boundaries. Don't allow technology to get in the way of family time or be the cause of customer disservice. Clearly share technology boundaries with others. Here's a good example: The coaching industry has performed virtually since its inception in the 1980's. We meet with clients via online session calls. Our marketing started with us teaching using audio conferences.   We marketed online by posting articles to our websites, even before blogs came into existence, and online books or eBooks. As a coach, it was customary for me to ask clients to call me at their scheduled session time. After all, I would be in my home office, but my client could be sitting on the beach during our session!  That model, taught to me at CoachU, where I was trained, worked very well for about 5 years. Every few months I ask clients what I could be doing better or differently.  “Barbara’s” response was to ask why she must call me.  Why can't I call her? I hadn't thought about calling her.  I was using the model I had learned. Right then and there I realized that something must change.  Today, I give clients the option.  Of course, Barbara was very happy, too! Improving productivity by using technology is great, but not when it’s done at the loss of customer service. Here are a few ways to create technology boundaries: Check your phone system.  No one should be forced to listen to which of the 5

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Advisors: Build Your Credibility Using FREE This Public Relation Technology

Today's tip is a no-cost-to-you opportunity, for advisors and business owners, to be "published", possibly by a top publication by providing your advice or opinion, in a few sentences or a paragraph to a journalist. That's how I was published in Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post, and a few other major publications. And I've been interviewed by a variety of marketing and business podcasters, too.  You can see some of the publications we've been featured or quoted in on our homepage at HARO was started in around 2007 by Peter Shankman as a Facebook Group. That's where I originally found it. It grew exponentially and Peter moved it to it's own website and database list. He sold the database 3 years after it started, for over 1 million dollars in 2010. Now it's owned by CISION.   What's HARO? Help A Reporter Out It's a reciprocal database that journalists, writers, editors, podcasters, and bloggers go to for expert advice. They might ask for a quote, answer to a question, tip, or look for people they want to interview, etc. It's possible that they'll like what you submit (via email) and they publish it in their periodical or want to Interview you. If they do publish you, they'll list your name, as the source, and possible other information about you such as your title, the name of your firm, Twitter address, or other information about you. They decide what get's published. I'm sure you've seen quotes and the opinion of others in articles.

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Must Have WordPress Plugins For Your Advisory Website

A plugin is a piece of software that enhances the capabilities of what something can do. Some hosting companies (that's where your website files are located) offer a variety of plugins such as adding WordPress to your site in 1 or 2 easy steps. I did a 15-minute video on how to set up a WordPress site here.   Since then, I've moved all my sites to SiteGround, which has better customer service than the company I mention in the video but does things in pretty much the same way. You can view the video here. Themes are another example of plugins for your website. A theme decides the look and style of your website. This could include where your logo shows up, the colors, type of font, etc.  Look on the left side of your screen for free themes, OR read about the companies we recommend here. Regarding this tip, I'm going to talk about adding functions and features to your WordPress site.  For example: Most of my clients host or speak at events. You can add a calendar of events to your site. All my clients need important security functions.  You can add security functions to your site. Most of my clients want their work to be found by others.  You can add SEO (search engine features) to your site. I'm a horrible speller, so I added an editing function to my site.   Once a year I volunteer at an event called GiveCamp.  There, over the

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Are You Paying Twice For The Same Virus Protection?

Chances are that you're paying for virus protection twice. If you are a person, business, or non-profit who has an internet connection, check your bills! Today, I was reminded to update this article and send it out again.  I was helping my church fix and update their computers.  One had current virus protection, the other one's protection ended over a year ago.  The one without virus protection had 377 indications of malware! The church was paying $97 for a year's worth of virus protection directly to a virus protection company.   PLUS they were paying $9.49 a month to their internet provider for, you guessed it, virus protection.  It's been that way for years. Of course, I recommended they cancel the yearly $97 payment. And over the years, I'm guessing that I've helped more than 100 people realize that they're paying twice.   Just today, someone else learned that they were paying twice!   Learn if You're Paying Twice I learn if my clients are paying for virus protection twice when they send me their personal spending plan (budget) and business budget (their detailed P/L).  I scrutinize both to "find the leaks" --  additional places I think they can save money or get better services for what they're paying.   Having done this for 20 years, I've helped most lower their expenses, the amount of which has been $50 a month to $75,000 a year. I scrutinize every item.  But two areas automatically raise red flags --

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