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I'm often asked the question "What software do you use for your website?" This article is meant to answer that question. In 1998, a website of 5 pages, with very few graphics cost $5K.  That was the year I started my business.  Like many new business owners, I had much experience and knowledge about the

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How Often Should You Update Your Website?

To keep up with current trends or near-current trends, it's important to write "update website" on your marketing plan every year.  That doesn't mean you need to budge $4K to update it!  Instead, look at polishing or tweaking the text or photos a bit every year.   Small changes Sometimes, updates are small.  In 2001,

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Determining What To Tweet On Twitter

Clients often stay away from Twitter, understandably, due to compliance regulatory issues. Aside from that, inexperienced users aren’t always sure WHAT to post. So, what are some things you can tweet about? Here’s a brief list to get you started: Current blog posts that have been approved. Old blog posts and articles. Events your ideal

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Advisors: Don’t Let LinkedIn Shut You Down

Don't Violate LinkedIn's User Agreement Terms Even if you don't use LinkedIn, and I'm not sure why you're not using it as a marketing and prospect tool, your LinkedIn profile is working for you. When you search someone's name using Google, Bing, etc.  chances are that the person's LinkedIn profile will appear  on the first

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