23 + Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website and Keep Them Coming Back!

Here are some tips on what you can do to bring traffic to your website. Create a marketing plan so you can plan what to put on your blog monthly. Find easy ways for your clients to pay you and if possible, giving people an option to pay you online. Keep the timing of each page to a minimum. Get out and be in places your ideal clients "hang out”. Network: speak at meetings joining groups, etc. Be consistent with your company’s brand. Check the links on your site to make sure they work.  While people will forgive blog links that don't work, they will leave a website whose navigation links aren't working. Make sure your website address is on all your literature -- business cards, brochures, newsletters, letterhead, email signature, everything!! Offer free e-books, assessments, or reports in return for their email address. Don't create a newsletter or blog unless, at a minimum, you will send something out monthly. Provide a Books List or Recommended Resources List on your website based on the needs of your ideal clients.* Add ways for your visitors to follow you on social networking to your blog posts. Add a way for your visitors to PRINT your blog posts and pages if that makes sense to you. Create a membership site. Develop an area of your site for client log in to documents. Put everything they could possibly need in back of that password protected area. Have a subscription box on

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CoachMaria Recommended Website Resources for Financial Advisors

I'm often asked the question "What software do you use for your website?" This article is meant to answer that question. In 1998, a website of 5 pages, with very few graphics cost $5K.  That was the year I started my business.  Like many new business owners, I had much experience and knowledge about the type of business I choose.  I had plenty of time on my hands and didn't have the 5K needed for a website. Unlike most business owners at that time, my business was going to have a virtual office.  That meant in order to be found online, my ideal clients had to be computer literate and I needed a website so they could easily find me. So, I attended Wake University's 18-week HTML Class and learned how to hand code a website using NO software.  Now don't laugh, here's that first website, minus a few graphics, as you can see.  The site was very much a 1998 website. Between designing websites and using a computer since the early 1970's, once I started my consultative-coaching business, I was offered the opportunity to teach computer and internet classes at a variety of local schools. Fast forward 20 years, I have 6 websites using WordPress and help my clients get their sites up and ready for professionals to design.  I've been known to go into their sites to "fix" something that was annoying them because it didn't line up correctly, wasn't the right size, or to

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5 Top Video Tips to Grow Your Practice in 2019

It's Manage and Then Market Once a financial advisor has established a niche and ideal client and has set solid business goals, then and only then should marketing be considered.  Indeed, the planning tool I have taught my clients to use for almost 20 years (and that I use myself) is a business AND marketing plan. Your marketing plan should help you reach your ideal clients—and your financial goals!  My guest blogger, Jill Addison, provides financial advisors with wise tips to help create the most effective videos for practice growth.  Video is a powerful marketing tool in our time-starved and entertainment-focused world; however, before you spend one dime on video marketing, keep these tips in mind!  -- Coach Maria   5 Top Tips to Grow Your Practice in 2019 with Video By Jill Addison Here are 5 Top Tips to make your marketing irresistible using the most effective marketing tool available today: video. Create custom videos that are laser focused on your niche. When you demonstrate your expertise in your niche with video content, you show your prospects and clients that you are truly an authority and an expert, to the point that you have your own video series about your specialty!   Make sure your videos are short and sweet. The ideal length for marketing videos is 1-2 minutes, so don’t make the mistake of believing that people will give you their time in our rushed world. Keep your marketing succinct. You’ll find that you’ll be

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Advisors, Here’s An Excellent LinkedIn Cheat Sheet Infographic

Today, as I was looking for an image to use on a new LinkedIn article, I came across the Ultimate LinkedIn Cheat Sheet by Legion Jobs. Using a Cheat Sheet, for LinkedIn, is nothing new for me.  More than 10 years ago, I created a LinkedIn Cheat Sheet for the first social media workshop I conducted at a conference. What I needed then was more of a fill-in-the-blanks, tell me what to put where, and how many characters I can use sort of Cheat Sheet. Something that can be given to compliance to approve or change. But what's really interesting about the Cheat Sheet below is that it's an infographic -- a step-by-step graphic walk through depicting a process visually. Better yet, the company provides permission to share the infographic that will help you look at LinkedIn with a "new eye". Besides tips on the various parts of your profile, the infographic includes: -- The sizes of graphics you can include in your profile -- A look at hidden LI features -- Helps you look at your profile the way search engines may look at it. -- Offers some additional profile tips -- Give you information on keeping your profile secure. PLUS it helps you start to look at security, an often overlooked are on most social networking sites.   Like the graphic?  Download the Ultimate Cheat Sheet here   <!----- 'Copy and paste the following code' ----><h3>The Ultimate Linkedin Cheat Sheet</h3><a href="#"> <table width="100%" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> <tbody>

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How Often Should You Update Your Website?

To keep up with current trends or near-current trends, it's important to write "update website" on your marketing plan every year.  That doesn't mean you need to budge $4K to update it!  Instead, look at polishing or tweaking the text or photos a bit every year.   Small changes Sometimes, updates are small.  In 2001, I removed music from my home page that was popular in 1999 but had become annoying.  In 2003, I added a logo created by a pro and removed pop-ups. Maybe there's a plug-in feature you want your website to have, like an online events calendar, because you're hosting webinars or seminars. It’s important to update your website yearly.  For sure, you want to update the copyright date every December or January of each year to match the new year.  If your site reads (c) 2014 name of company, people “may think” your site is 4 years old and you may be out of business.  So, keep the date current with this year’s date.   Mid-level changes Mid-size changes might look like adjusting the dimensions of a website to reach across the entire screen, creating a border around the pages, or updating the font.  In 2005, I started reducing text, since the general trend was to say less on each page. Every two years, ask your marketing consultant to give your site an hour once-over.  They’ll look at things such as: Are the code, theme, and plugins current? Do the photos reflect your

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Determining What To Tweet On Twitter

Clients often stay away from Twitter, understandably, due to compliance regulatory issues. Aside from that, inexperienced users aren’t always sure WHAT to post. So, what are some things you can tweet about? Here’s a brief list to get you started: Current blog posts that have been approved. Old blog posts and articles. Events your ideal audience will appreciate. Other people’s blog posts, events as they relate to the work you do. Information your ideal clients would enjoy even if they are off-topic. Responses, feedback, opinions on your followers’ posts. Images with comments from events you are speaking at or attending. Ask a question or for a recommendation. Your quotes or words of wisdom. Industry news. Pictures of your team. Tell others about a great service you’ve recently experienced. A video — yours or one you’ve enjoyed. Tweet personal holiday notices. Book reviews. Respond to other people’s tweets. Tweet a quote; even better, tweet a quote within an image. Thank your new followers. Wish someone a Happy Anniversary. Tweet about a company milestone. Mention an event you’ll be attending with a link to it. Tweet recommendations. Tweet that you’re at an event and would like to meet your followers. Tweet about things to do with your passions or hobbies.   Remember to… Invite your clients, newsletter lists, and blog readers to follow you on Twitter. Test the archival system you use for social networking sites to assure it’s working. Tweet things OTHER than business information to provide your

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Three ways to make your LinkedIn profile stand out a bit more.

Want to make your LinkedIn profile stand out a bit more? Use 1. bold, 2. symbols, 3. fancy fonts, and more. One thing to note: Behind each of these symbols is html (website) code. So don't use symbols on the most important words people would search on to find you, unless you have those words written in "normal" text on many areas of your profile, too. What happens if you don't know how to code a website? No problem, just: 1) put the words you want to use in the search feature 2) click show 3) it will show you your options 4) copy and paste the option you like best into your profile. For words: http://qaz.wtf/u/convert.cgi?text=Financial+Advisors For symbols: http://www.iemoji.com/ http://panmental.de/symbols/info.htm Here are a few oldies but goodies: •*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•   ◕‿◕   ☚ ☛ ☝ ☟   ™ © ® ℗ See it used at my LinkedIn profile here: http://www.Linkedin.com/in/mariamarsala (c) 2017 Elevating Your Business

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Advisors: Don’t Let LinkedIn Shut You Down

Don't Violate LinkedIn's User Agreement Terms Even if you don't use LinkedIn, and I'm not sure why you're not using it as a marketing and prospect tool, your LinkedIn profile is working for you. When you search someone's name using Google, Bing, etc.  chances are that the person's LinkedIn profile will appear  on the first page, in the first 3 spots.  Sometimes before their own website. Try it! Because of that, your name, on your LinkedIn profile is very important. I learned just how important when, in 2010, after 6 years of using LinkedIn, my account was suspended without LinkedIn notifying me.  One day I went to my account, and couldn't get in. Last thing I thought was that I'd done something wrong. How wrong I was. You see, I had listed my name as Coach Maria Marsala and someone reported me.  And as I learned, putting anything in the First Name, Last Name area of your profile violated LinkedIn's user agreement terms.  Now it's not spelled out as such, but that's what I learned 3 days later when LinkedIn replied to my email to them. What the agreement specifies is that you use your personal name on your LinkedIn account.   So realistically, adding anything to the First Name, Last Name area of your profile, is a violation. However, it seems that if you have some type of certification, like MD, CFP, CPA, PHD, etc.  they will allow it.  But I wouldn't press my luck and

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How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Professional Headline

In order to get the most out of your LinkedIn presence, optimize every part of your profile, including your LinkedIn Professional Headline.  This appears under your name on your profile.  This space is auto-filled the “title” from your last place of employment, but you can change it to say whatever you want. You have 120 characters (letters and spaces) to write a powerful and descriptive headline that speaks to your ideal client. There are four different ways most LinkedIn users choose to write a headline. 1. Your Job Title as Your LinkedIn Professional Headline Some people feel that they need to use the name of their firm and a fancy position in their LinkedIn professional headline to come out ahead.  I agree that some industry/job titles need to be used.  Which ones?  Take a look at these examples: Managing Director of ABC Associates QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor Financial Advisor, Fiduciary In the first example, who cares about a Managing Director at ABC Associates?  (Answer: Only you.)  Put this information in the Summary and Experience area of LinkedIn if you feel it will help you gain more business. How many LinkedIn members are looking for a certified QuickBooks pro?  Even CFP or other designations may not be important in your title IF your ideal clients don’t know what those mean.  Having QuickBooks or other programs in your LinkedIn professional headline may be beneficial if your ideal clients use that program or want to hire someone who does.  Certifications do

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Add Pizzazz To Your LinkedIn Profile With Symbols

Here's the answer to another question I've been asked this month. Question Where do you get the symbols you use in your title on LinkedIn and throughout your LinkedIn profile? Answer I use symbols and lines and such because it differentiates different sections of my profile and makes a profile easier to read. And we all want our profiles read, right? I gathered those symbol since 2004 from a variety of places online. You have my AOK to copy and paste the symbols and use them on your profile, too. Here's my profile www.LinkedIn.com/in/mariamarsala You can create them, too. When you're on your computer, open a document, you hit control >alt and some numbers, you'll create a few of them the old fashioned way! They way we used to create them in the early 1990's. Symbols are also available by going to MS Word, then change the font to one of the Wingdings. Use the symbols you want and then copy the symbol to your LinkedIn profile. Lastly, you can use the cheat sheet I use nowadays at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miscellaneous_Symbols

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