Financial Advisors: Are You Using The Power of Postcards?

Have you added “send postcards” to your weekly activities list? If not, why not?! In our fast-paced, get-it-done, high-tech world, postcards are an inexpensive way for your firm to stand out above the rest. They’re a simple way to keep your network, clients, and prospects in touch and updated. Postcards are small, inexpensive, and they pack a powerful marketing punch! Consider using some of these interesting and affordable ways to use postcards to stand out:         Announcements Announce something new. Like a new team member, product, service, educational class, or article using postcards. Have you changed your address or updated your website? Say it with a postcard. Turn your postcard into a free consulting offer or a gift certificate. Use your postcard to deliver a QR code that links to your home page or a special video/word message from you.   Reminders Send a “Looking forward to seeing you on ____” meeting reminder to a client or associate. Before an event, send reminders with event information, or send the meeting agenda. Remind folks of events that might be of interest to them, as a service to your network.   Visibility How about placing your logo on a yearly calendar postcard? Carry a few un-stamped postcards printed with your latest message and contact info, instead of business cards. Do you have helpful tips for your clients? Send them on a postcard!   Research Place a survey on a pre-stamped, returnable postcard. Send a research question