The Best Ways To Deal With Difficult Customers

Charge Them More! Create an ideal client profile and pay attention to its outcome. If you're not a hand-holder, create interview questions that will let you know that your clients can easily make their own decisions. Listen as the prospect answers. Most of us can catch "clients from hell" during the interview process (although we

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Pricing Your Service: 7 Things To Ponder

Life is all about making choices and growing. The same holds true when you're pricing your service. Use the articles below to assist you as you make informed decisions about price structure. Before you read the articles, consider these observations: a. I have never worked with a business owner who charged the right fees for

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Do you live in a country that doesn’t respect wealth?

"You can preserve wealth in a country that doesn’t respect it." -- Eric  Baldwin, Forbes Writer, in an article"Smart Money Strategies For Obama 2.0"  that  he wrote at Do you feel that we live in a country that doesn't respect wealth?  (and why)  Do you disagree? (and why)   What does being wealthy or successful look like

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Financial Advisors: How to set boundaries with clients and friends when they become ‘freebie-seekers’

Establishing where free ends and fee begins can be challenging, but learning the art of declining gracefully is essential to focusing on what's important in your practice. As long as you’re in the financial arena, you’re going to be asked to work for free. Financial professionals endure a specific set of boundary-crossing issues. Timothy Yee,

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Best Resources For Tax Information

by Maria Marsala Summary:  Know where to go for tax advice?  This article will assist you!   Where can a business owner obtain tax information? When you don't know what questions to ask, it's very helpful to take some classes, and read a few articles prior to visiting with a CPA. Enjoy these resources: Internal

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What do these ratings things mean anyway?

I've been asked about the importance of ratings and what they mean. IN GENERAL The main importance of a rating is to the entity issuing bonds.  The higher the rating (AAA being the highest) the lower the interest rate to the entity selling the bonds.  Entities can be the government, municipality or corporation. Another importance is to

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5 Concrete Pricing Strategies

Terrific students attend the classes I teach. They ask profound questions that "stretch" my knowledge and resources. When I teach a building a business foundation owner class, I'm usually asked, "How does someone price a product or service?" During a recent class, I promised to write down what's in my head and send it to

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Are You Leaking Profits?

If you have a business where you have determined the price your product, service, or send out proposals, it’s more than possible that you’re “leaking” profits. I hear about it all the time. Proposals aren’t written according to what “could” happen. It’s determined that the costs associated with a product or service is higher than

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