PowerPoint Deck Tip When Speaking Abroad

When speaking in another country, buy images of people who LOOK like the audience. It really does matter. Recently, I conducted 2 presentations in India and needed 2 presentation decks. I first considered doing what I usually do — updating the PowerPoints I had, change what needed adding, removing, or adjusting slides based on the customization

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Speakers: Is Your Niche Helping Financial Professionals With Practice Management Topics?

Calling financial industry speakers whose niche is financial professionals. The Financial Industry Speakers Group on LinkedIn is looking for you. https://www.linkedin.com/groups/6955664 Financial Industry Speakers (FIS) is a clearinghouse for speakers, whose niche is financial advisors, planners and wealth managers. Insurance agents. CPAs, Accountants. The mission of the Financial Industry Speakers group on LinkedIn is to

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Why Get Paid To Speak

Many conferences and some firms expect speakers to speak without payment. I find this is true no matter what industry they're in... but the accounting and finance industries are big culprits of not only asking speakers to speak for free... but some also ask speakers to pay them to speak! After all, "you could get

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