PowerPoint Deck Tip When Speaking Abroad

When speaking in another country, buy images of people who LOOK like the audience. It really does matter. Recently, I conducted 2 presentations in India and needed 2 presentation decks. I first considered doing what I usually do — updating the PowerPoints I had, change what needed adding, removing, or adjusting slides based on the customization talks. But once the decks were complete, I realized I needed to do more, the images that didn’t sit well with me. While the people in the images were diverse, they didn’t look like the population I was going to be speaking to. I knew my audience of advisors would be dressed in suites and pressed shirts. They would also be both men and women. However, I was invited to speak in a country where English was a 2nd language and where people sometimes dress differently. While I always customize my talks, I needed to take customization to a new level: 1) Even though it was costlier and time-consuming, we took care to choose images that culturally looked like my audience. 2) Scenery images were of the two cities I’d be conducting the workshops. 3) I asked the events managers to check the slides’ words and images to make sure they were culturally OK.  I didn’t want to say something that would turn-off the audience.   IT WAS NOTICED This extra customization was appreciated by the events managers who hired me. But the audience noticed, too. I was asked if one of

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Speakers: Is Your Niche Helping Financial Professionals With Practice Management Topics?

Calling financial industry speakers whose niche is financial professionals. The Financial Industry Speakers Group on LinkedIn is looking for you. https://www.linkedin.com/groups/6955664 Financial Industry Speakers (FIS) is a clearinghouse for speakers, whose niche is financial advisors, planners and wealth managers. Insurance agents. CPAs, Accountants. The mission of the Financial Industry Speakers group on LinkedIn is to provide a matchmaking forum for financial industry professional speakers who specifically speak on practice management and business development issues -- and the firms, associations, organizations who are looking to hire us as speakers. Your speaking topics would be topics such as team building, client acquisition, marketing, social networking, operations management, process improvement, marketing, strategic planning, niching, referral marketing, LinkedIn, technology issues, etc. This is NOT a group for speakers whose topics are investments, trading, economics, research, analysis, alternative investments, and other complimentary topics. It must be evident on your LI Profile and website that you target financial professionals. Otherwise, you'll be denied entry to FIS. New members are accepted after your LinkedIn profile and website are reviewed to assure the group that your niche is financial professionals. Please make sure that your profile and contact website clearly state words indicating that you're a professional speaker in the finance industry niche. We also welcome meeting professionals, event planners, associations, and firms who are hiring speakers. NEED A SPEAKER FOR YOUR NEXT EVENT We're here for you! a) Join the group b) Post your speaking requirements and request. c) You can contact any o

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Why Get Paid To Speak

Many conferences and some firms expect speakers to speak without payment. I find this is true no matter what industry they're in... but the accounting and finance industries are big culprits of not only asking speakers to speak for free... but some also ask speakers to pay them to speak! After all, "you could get some business". And it does happen sometimes, when you speak for free, that you do gain a client or two. You could be asked to speak at 7 am or 7 pm and it would take you a few hours or a plane ride to get to the event. Worst yet, is when a business doesn't want to pay for a speaker. What I learned is that if an organization doesn't value its speakers, the audience won't either. At that time, I started attending the National Speakers Association and became an Affiliate Member. Boy was I surprised to learn what members were being paid for an hour talk! What are you paid for as a speaker? The knowledge you bring to the subject along with the cost (time and money) it took you to become an expert in the topic. The time it takes to customize and create a talk or workshop. The value the talk brings to an organization's members or a firm's employees. Most speakers will promote the events they speak at to their elist, on their blog, and through social networking. And then there is the cost of time,

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