Would you hire this financial advisor?

"I need new ways to attract or find more clients". In one form or another, that's the number one answer, and has been for 7 years, advisors give when they signs up for my Advisor Toolkit. They're answering the question "What is your biggest business challenge?" Often when I visit their websites, the first things

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WordPress Explored — Breadcrumb NavXT Plugin

The concept of a breadcrumb is not new and derives its name as you would think. Rather than it being crumbs from bread, it’s a small fragment of a sites navigation. Breadcrumb plugins pick up on the hierarchy of pages you place within your navigation-menu. To learn more about hierarchies please visit https://blog.kissmetrics.com/site-structure-enhance-seo/ . When

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Set Up a WordPress Blog In Under 15 Minutes

Is it time to create a blog?  Maybe you have a website but it's not responsive (mobile friendly). If you own a domain name and have hosting, somewhere in your emails you have the instructions to get into your Control Panel (it's like a dashboard)?  If so, watch me create a WordPress blog (or website) with a plug-n-play

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31 Ways to Make Your Financial Advisor Website More Credible And Trustworthy

If you're an advisor, who can't easily be found online*, prospects you've met and who are taking the next step by conducting online research might think you're not legitimate.  And putting what's in your brochure on your website isn't enough to convey credibility and trustworthiness either. Your site needs to be an effective marketing tool. 

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