Happy Passover…

I didn't know that my grandmother was Jewish until I was 12 years old.  Living in an Italian and very Catholic neighborhood in Brooklyn, the subject never came up.  I just figured that she was Catholic but never went to church! Grandma wasn't a practicing Jew, but she lit special candles for my grandfather (the Catholic) after his death.  My mom chose, as an adult, to be Catholic.  I attended pre-K at a Synagogue on Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn and then 13 years of Catholic School.  Today, I attend a Lutheran church.  Go figure. But to anyone who is Jewish... I'm Jewish.   Never did I realize how much so until I moved to North Carolina and other people realized how many Jewish (as well as Italian) words made it into my vocabulary! Bensonhurst, the area of Brooklyn I grew up in, is the area next to a very Jewish section of Brooklyn, called Borough Park. On Wall Street, I worked at firms started by Jews, like Reynolds and Bear Stearns, where I learned about the Jewish culture.   And over the years I've had Jewish friends that I've questioned about the culture, too.  I sure do love learning and have attended a Seder meal. Interesting, that many of my clients (and friends) have been Jewish, too. Here's a very good article about Passover.  http://toriavey.com/what-is-passover/ This one is about the special meals served during this very holy time. http://www.rd.com/food/recipes-cooking/the-traditional-foods-of-passover/   Here's a very traditional recipe sent to me by my

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Happy Valentine’s Day – Enjoy This Special Coaching Offer!

The dates for this offer are over, however, I can offer you one  60-minute coaching session at a deep discount. Follow the same links and let me help you...   You and I may have something important in common. Sometimes, I have a hard time asking for help. I'm here to remind you that the fastest way to reach your goals in 2014 is to enlist some help! I believe in the power of coaching. So when I realize that I need help, I hire coaches and consultants to help me grow. Personally, I like 1:1 versus group work. If you do, too, click on this link and let's talk. Why coaching might be right for you now: -- Maybe you're stuck. -- Maybe you've hit a plateau. -- Maybe you're tired of working more than 35 hours per week. -- Maybe you're just having trouble FOCUSING. Well, solving these challenges is my specialty! I've opened up a few Breakout Strategy Session slots (1:1 time with me) that will the supply clarity and focus that can take you to the next level. During your strategy session, we will explore what YOUR next steps should be and how I can help you put those steps in place. These sessions aren't for everyone, however. I'm looking to work with a few people who are serious action-takers, so there is a $97 fee to secure a strategy session. CLICK HERE to secure your spot. If we decide to work together

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Start 2013 With Both Feet Firmly Planted on the Ground (Free Until 1/31/13)

I enjoyed viewing this short video by Focus Partners, another coaching company. If you like what they say, you can download our Lessons Learned, Goals Form, and Activities List f.r.ee, until January 31, 2013 at https://www.elevatingyourbusiness.com/a/index.php?exp=79|&cat=79&shop=1 And as a new subscriber to our newsletter, you'll also get a Business Audit and access to a video on how to create a One Page Business Plan(R).     We also have a business planning process you can do in 1 day.   Learn more at www.BusinessAndMarketingPlan.com   Merry Christmas from Maria Marsala and the Elevating Your Business.com  Team!

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Gifting: Christmas and other Holiday Cards

It's that time of the year to think about "gifting" your clients.  But please, send your "A" clients,  and maybe even some of your best "B" clients and colleagues something other than some fancy, expensive "preprinted" cards. Remember that you get 80% of your business from your top 20% of your clients.  Reward that 20%. About "A", "B" and "C" clients (if you still have any at this level -- think bigger for the "A's", smaller for the "B" and even smaller for the "C" clients. During the "card giving holidays" people get a card, say "oh how nice" and move on. Maybe they'll put it on their office wall, so as a business owner, you'll get a month or so of leverage. But let me go back a step. First, I'm presuming that you want to send them a card of gift for the right reasons and NOT just to make an impression. I'm also presuming that you know things about your clients.  That as you've spoken to them you've learned the important dates in their lives, learned things about them and their families, are they allergic to "x", AND that you've places these details in your CRM (customer relationship management system) or other database. Now, if you know me, you know that I'm a BIG, no HUMUNGOUS believer in sending cards or postcards  (not preprinted with message) --  with a  personal and customized  thank you, or birthday cards, anniversary cards, etc. -- maybe even with a Gift Certificate to something they'd like in it.   But when

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Master the 2 Keys For Success

After another year promising not to work so many hours (or in so many different directions) and mostly disappointing yourself -- you might be wondering how to end this vicious cycle. Imagine… reaching your goals AND having a road map in place to exceed them in 2012.  Take it from me—re-focusing your business to reach higher-quality ideal clients and creating a road map can change your bottom line completely in 2012. As both a life coach and a strategic business advisor, I know that year-end can be stressful and overwhelming for several reasons: The holidays Unfinished projects Last-minute requests from clients Stats you’d like to improve by the end of the year Would having more focus help you deal with these situations and put you on the fast track to starting 2012 with a bang? You betcha. Step up to success and creating a bigger, better life and business in 2012. Join me and a select group of 5-8 advisors and professionals for the Strategic Planning on Steroids Intensive. Re-focus your business, gain 100% clarity, and learn how to reach high-quality clients who inspire you. I've designed this course to break through your past obstacles to success. You will have a solid business and marketing plan for 2012-complete by Christmas! And the two keys for success in 2012? Creating an 10 ideal client profile niche and 2) a one-page strategic business plan. Download the flyer about the course on the right side of this web page: http://www.BusinessAndMarketingPlan.com

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Thanksgiving… (what I didn’t know)

Somehow yesterday I found myself reading about Thanksgiving. Living in WA State and visiting Canada as often as I have, I did know that Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October. But I didn't know that in 1621 it was given it's name and place in the world. That although celebrations of the harvest took place, it's formal name comes from the USA name for the holiday. But I found these links and learned about Thanksgiving around the world. Time Line http://www.theholidayspot.com/thanksgiving/round_the_world.htm

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