The Power of Purpose, PBS Special

I came across this program on TV this week. I highly recommend that you watch it, too. Even if you already know your purpose, the show will provide you with new insights. Knowing your purpose is a major clarifier, you can use the information to up the ante or  change your life and business. Being lifelong learners, as I'm sure you are too, I learned the importance of knowing what gifts, passions, and my calling were early on in life and yearly, during planning week, I revisit them. From time to time, I'll add or even change some of my answers. Don't let this happen to you! A car accident in 1994 pushed me into living my purpose;  helping people realize their dreams, even if it seems to them that there is no way they can happen. I truly believe that you CAN have it all -- and sooner than you think!   If it's really important, you'll stop the excuses you tell yourself  and do whatever is necessary to "do it" --including reaching out for whatever help you could use. When I changed careers, and started coaching school, I had to agree to participate in a 3-month program called "Personal Foundation" and delved deeply into, among 24 other life coaching topics, our purpose, gifts, and calling. Life changes dramatically when you deeply know more about yourself! I can attest to that! Today, my clients use the Personal Foundation as part of their personal and professional growth.  It's

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Is Happiness Your Truth?

I love watching interesting videos that make me smile and feel more happy... especially in the mornings, the time of day I'd like to skip. It's a gentle rapping song by Rapper Pharrell Williams Chris Mifsud sent me this video. You'll want to clap and smile as you listen to it. Enjoy! Your Business Coach Maria

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