Coaching Graphic Successful advisors and executives often speak about how hiring a business advisor was instrumental in fast-tracking their lives personally and professionally. They also attribute the skills and systems they've learned to their ability to better help their team, clients, and families.

After coaching and consulting with thousands of people around the world, I understand that all people are coachable, but not everyone is coachable at every point in time.

Our clients are very smart. Many come to us knowing what they "need" to do, having tried to make changes on their own. They're looking for the steps or systems to make lasting change. Some have been "fighting" creating a strategic business plan, a niche, brand, or to systematize the way they've heard successful advisors have done. Others want to grow more profitable businesses, but they are afraid that they won't be able to serve their clients in the best way possible or that they'll make a terrible boss. They're all tired of doing business alone, are ready to delegate, and want more free time.

I help them be more successful by looking at the 3 M's. That means:

  1. Looking at how your mindset has been holding you back from the life and business of your dreams.
  2. Taking ownership for how you are managing your business, which often means that you must stop reacting to the latest issue and run your business proactively.
  3. Building a legacy because your business has a brand, niche, and are targeting ideal clients instead of everyone who breathes.

Are You Ready To Know Where You Stand?

The complimentary quiz on this page will help you to determine if you are coachable now and if my services are for you. Below are 10 statements which require your honest answer. The more truthful you are, the more valuable this quiz will be. Simply choose the response that is true for you. Our system will add up the responses for you and give you the results.

Growth starts with a greater understanding of oneself and continues with befriending your fears and change.

Take the quiz now! If you're not ready at this time, join our newsletter and when you are ready, we'll be here to help you reach your goals. Your answers are private! I don't ask you for your name, email, etc. Select the number that comes closest to representing how true the statement

1 = Never
2 = Rarely
3 = Sometimes
4 = Frequently or often
5 = Always or almost always

1. I will explore ideas and actions other than my own. I will redo things I did in the past even if they didn't work knowing that the subtle changes you request will be a recipe for success.

2. I love learning but find it seems like a curse when I don't act on what I've learned.

3. I am willing to be completely honest with you,always. If I am not receiving what I need or expect from you, I will say so and explain the changes I need and want.

4. I will resist uncovering and developing parts of myself that may have been overlooked.

5. I'm receptive to new ideas and will "try on" new concepts or different ways of doing things.

6. I keep appointments, listen carefully to instructions, and meet deadlines.

7. I will set aside the time to work on my business instead of in it. I understand that my time working on the business will be many more hours than it is now.

8. I am willing to eliminate or modify any self-defeating personal or business behaviors that limit my success.

9. I see the value in coaching as a worthwhile investment in my future. I take coaching seriously and know that I deserve to get the most out of experience.

10. I am someone who takes responsibilities for my results (the good, the great, and the failures).

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Modified from Are You Coachable © CoachU, used with permission by Maria Marsala, a 2000 Coach U Graduate