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I’m here to answer your questions and take great pride in using my business and life coaching expertise to help you grow your firm and live better.  I look forward to hearing from you.  My business helps advisors in the USA and globally.  I’m based out of Brooklyn, NY, love traveling, and speak English. I’ve been working with clients virtually since 1998 and will start “in-person” programs again when it’s safe to do again.

Office Hours

To accommodate clients in different countries, I work: 
  • Monday through Thursday 6am to 9am, 12pm to 3pm, and 6pm to 9pm, Eastern Standard Time.
  • Friday, Saturday, travel to clients, and other special hours is conducted by appointment only.
New York time

My phone is not usually answered live, unless you’ve prescheduled a call with me.  When you call, you will be directed to my voice mail or by my assistant to discuss our products, coaching, and services.  Please leave a detailed message so we’ll know how to assist you the best.  Your call will be returned within 3-4 hours during normal business hours and Mondays if you contact us Friday to Sunday.

To schedule an Act Now Session with me and pre-qualify yourself for the call, schedule the meeting here.

Contact Us

If you require any level of support, please get in touch with me.  All emails will be answered EXCEPT those from people who are trying to sell me their services.

If you’ve read through our web site and are pretty sure that you want to work with Maria, let's learn more about if and how she might be able to help you achieve your desired results.  Apply now to talk to Maria. If Maria feels that she can help you, you'll be sent a note to set up a meeting, either by telephone, Skype, or webinar, or in person, to conduct an in-depth discovery interview. When Maria calls you, you'll have a conversation in which she'll gather information such as the scope of work to be accomplished, an outline of the issues, and possible solutions.  She'll learn about your needs, objectives, and priorities, and see whether what she offers seems to be enough of a fit to move forward.


Pre-qualify by completing our application here. We acknowledge your initiative in taking a step to make a difference in your business and life!
Are you stuck?  Need a breakthrough?  Need some fresh strategies or vetted resources?  You've come to the right place.


Request an hour-long Laser Coaching Session.  Besides answering your questions, we'll tape and transcribe the call for you.  This way, you won't miss taking any action we talk about.  No payment necessary until we're sure we can assist you.  Start here.
Ask us to conduct a KeyShop – a keynote where your audience learns and takes immediate action – at your next event or meeting.


Call or text Maria's direct number, 360.271.8418, although we can't guarantee that we can talk right away.  We'll call you back A.S.A.P. Or you can speed up the process by completing our Speaker Inquiry Survey.


Call or text Maria's direct number, 360.271.8418. Maria will return your call A.S.A.P.
Not a problem.  We know that trust takes time and you want to get to know us first, right?


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Maria Marsala

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