Dear Advisors and Small-Medium Business Owners,

Chances are, that like what happened in 1929, 1973, 1981, 1987, 2001, and 2008, our current situation will take time before a new level of normal is consistent and integrated into our lives.

That’s where Business Accelerator Hotline comes in to help you.

From now until 12/31/2020, I’m offering my global consultative coaching services at nearly 50% off.

The Business Accelerator Hotline is a place for you to:

  • ask for help
  • get a second opinion on something you’re working on
  • have someone knowledgeable to listen to what’s going on in your brain
  • set priorities
  • get the level of accountability you don’t have working on your own from home

I know this time is frightening, both emotionally and monetarily. I’m in this with you and I’d like to help you with my business management and marketing expertise. PLUS as life challenges come your way, you can always get help from me as a trained Life Coach.



I’m offering Business Accelerator Hotline to you at a deep discount, of around 50% off my usual fee.

Best yet, you can invest in a way that best fits your situation.  I’m offering monthly programs, so you may cancel on your next payment anniversary date because I don’t want you worrying about long contracts — or any contracts — when none of us really knows what the virus will bring next.

Unlimited email coaching $199 per month

Unlimited email coaching plus “as you need it” phone access $475 per month

How It Works
Email me and you’ll hear from me within 3 hours.  Call and you’ll hear from me within 3 hours, M-T during our irregular business hours (to accommodate our global clients, if not sooner. Simple as that. As a bonus, we’ll include access to some of our assessments and forms.

What’s Not Included
For an extra fee, should you need any of these documents or software, we can tell you what the cost will be to purchase them.  Business and marketing planning software, Book More Ideal Clients Materials, workbooks on LinkedIn, creating a newsletter, designing a website, or writing article are not included. Regular scheduled sessions are also so an additional fee.

Upwards and onwards,

Coach Maria Marsala

P.S.:  If you have any questions, click here to contact me click here now to contact me directly.



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