As a Life and Business Coach to Women Financial Advisors, I Believe:

“Life happens when you’re running your business.” — Coach Maria

  • You CAN create your ideal business, breathe easier, and have a life after work to spend time the way you choose.

  • Top female financial advisors have an Advisor-CEO mentality regarding their business.

  • The best sales training for financial advisors starts by nailing your niche, identifying an ideal client, and serving them well.

  • Women financial advisors can significantly benefit from marketing in ways that emphasize their strengths.
  • Performance coaching for financial advisors hinges on shifting priorities and being full-filled—not reaching the elusive goal of life-work “balance.”
  • “Spaghetti Marketing is one of the major mistakes financial advisors make when trying to generate leads. It wastes time and money, and it doesn’t work.
  • Financial advisor coaching programs should never waste your time with fluff, filler, or theories.  You need step-by-step systems to act now and achieve your goals.

  • You can adjust to change without getting burnt out, and even profit from it.

  • Business coaching works for financial advisors when it’s offered holistically to include business consulting and life coaching skills development.

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Financial Advisor Coaching That Fixes Problems “Upward”

You’re probably here because—to be blunt—your business is running your life.

In an attempt to take control, you’ve worked 60-hour weeks (plus some). Chances are you feel burnt-out.  You’ve tried fixing things.  You may even have a team, but that’s not working the way you hoped, either.

You want to attract new ideal clients without having to be a marketing genius.  Gain an edge with proven methods that work.  Maybe even get some personal and professional coaching, because — especially as a female financial advisor — it’s been lonely at the top.

Bottom line, you want to love your business again.

Hi! I’m Maria.

I’m a trained personal coach and a veteran Wall Street trader and operations manager.  I spent 20 years on Wall Street in an era when female financial executives were as rare as pink diamonds.  As a retail trader, I had reps and advisors as clients, while as Bear Stearns’ first internal consultant, I worked in compliance, accounting, new accounts, purchasing, IT, and the branch offices.  Later, I founded a consulting firm in which my projects included issues surrounding trading fraud, technology development, and accounting department reorganization and management.

As a straight-shooting, no-BS, results-oriented business consultant and executive coach I’ve  helped both women and men advisors elevate their game and achieve success on their own terms.

I’m allergic to Band-Aids. I get to the bottom of issues and fix them upwards.

I like people to be at their productive best, and that happens only when  the right systems are in place and working well.  Together, we’ll work on your firm’s people and processes and give your firm a performance coaching overhaul.  More profit will follow

I want to see you enjoying your business more…and see your people smiling more.  I want you to feel like someone is in your corner.  And I want you to keep more of your hard-earned revenue

I want to see you enjoying your business more…see your people smiling more.  I want you to feel like you have someone in your corner.  And I want you to keep more of your hard-earned revenue.

Want to work with me?  Right this way.

Let Us Help Take Your Financial Business From Successful to Significance

At Elevating Your Business, our mission is to uplift the financial industry by helping more women advisors be more successful and achieve significance with a firm the size of their choosing.   Our focus is on four key areas: Consulting, Coaching, Resources, and Courses.


Our Team

In addition to the team below, I provide clients with a myriad of vetted resources, often three, for any task they are seeking that is not included in our services.

Maria Marsala
Maria MarsalaCEO & Founder
What haven’t I told you about me already? I’m a native New Yorker who loves the Pacific Northwest and road trips to historical sites and beaches. In fact, I’ve crisscrossed the U.S. in my car 10+ times between Seattle and New York and two times up and down the Eastern Seaboard, staying with old friends and new ones, couch surfing along the way! I travel with my “kitchen essentials,” so my hosts get a home-cooked Italian meal of their choice.

I’ve always considered it important to give back, which led me to a brief stint in nonprofit management. However, that wasn’t “it” and I returned to Wall Street. I found later that helping business owners reach their goals, no matter how long they’ve tried to reach them, was the best way for me (and my clients) to have the financial resources to give back!

Maybe it’s the former Girl Scout in me, but I’ve always been active in my community, from tutoring younger kids while still in grade school, to mentoring teens, to leading beautification projects in NYC and beach cleanups near my first home on Staten Island. When I relocate, I find a church I like and pitch in.

At home, I love tending to my plants (I’m a Master Gardener), experimenting with new foods, learning about new technology (proud geek here), perusing hardware stores, and renovating my home.

Chrissy Mifsud
Chrissy Mifsud Content Marketing
Chrissy and I have worked together since 2009. As an independent freelancer, Chrissy has worked as a marketing manager for an independent insurance adjusting company and helped write website pages for financial advisors and other professional services. She also writes bios for LinkedIn profiles.

She helps firms grow through effective marketing strategies powered by persuasive communication. Her clients have described her services as “the best money we spend all month,” as their websites rank higher in search engines, office events expand to standing-room-only, and client numbers climb.

Chrissy tells your unique story through websites, blogs, articles, biographies, newsletters, and emails. She offers additional writing services for speakers, including critiquing PowerPoint presentations, creating event materials, writing thank-you letter templates, and more.

Chrissy is a Certified Solutions Provider and Speaker for the newsletter software Constant Contact and a three-time winner of its All-Star Award. She speaks about how to write powerfully to attract clients, marketing using email newsletters, and beginner search engine optimization for blog articles.

Chrissy hails from the Detroit area and currently lives near Orlando, Florida with her boyfriend Tony and their two shelties. In her free time, she enjoys trips to the beach, reading Baldacci novels, and cooking for friends.

Our Core Values

What Makes Us Tick

  • Action Over Procrastination

  • Honesty Over Niceness

  • Working Smart, Not Harder

  • S.Y.S.T.E.M.S. Work

  • Done vs. Perfect

  • Fairness

  • Learn Daily

  • Celebrate Small Stuff

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