Life and Business Coaching for Female Financial Advisors Ready to 2x Their Revenue

I provide coaching for ethical, entrepreneurial and growth-minded female financial advisors dedicated to helping other professionals (CEOs, C-suite executives, etc.) grow and protect their assets around their life plans.  Many of my clients have already hit several of their goals and want to grow their firm’s value in order to sell it or leave it as a legacy to their family.  In addition, all are independent thinkers and a bit rebellious, intent on growing an enterprise on their own terms and living fun, full-filled lives.

A Successful Coaching Relationship for Financial Advisors and Executives

You may not have peers to confide in about your business challenges. As a result, you could really use someone who is objective and on your side to bulletproof your ideas and give feedback—a blend of professional and personal support.

Over the past 20+ years, I’ve noticed that the clients I’m able to help the most share many characteristics:

  1. You’re an independent owner of a small- to mid-size financial firm such as: an RIA, wealth management, financial planning, investment management, insurance, or accounting firm and you have five or more years in your field.
  2. You’re between the ages of 40 and 55.
  3. You’ve hit a “growth wall” located in one of the valleys along the “S-curve” of business growth and have found that leveling-up your business has become too frustrating or overwhelming to do alone.
  4. Your revenue has flatlined at the $350K, $750K, or $1M to $2M+ mark (typical “valley” areas).
  5. You spend your day being more reactive than proactive—and your usual top-notch customer service suffers.
  6. You’re a lifelong learner and willing to get out of your comfort zone to grow your practice.
  7. You want results faster and will do what it takes to reach your goals. You understand that there’s no such thing as a quick fix.
  8. Your word is your bond. When you say you’re going to do something, it’s done.
  9. You prefer the truth to pussy-footing around.
  10. You’re comfortable communicating in English. (Though your country’s financial regulations may differ from those in the U.S., the concepts I teach about business growth and management are universal.)

In conclusion, the bottom line is that you are more than ready to change the way you’re running your business (and possibly your life) to level-up your business and make it run like a Swiss watch (instead of IT running YOU).

My clients have an Advisor-CEO mindset.  They are committed to purposefully growing their firms in an efficient and sustainable way.  The results they achieve are higher profits, more productivity, and the freedom they desire.

Business Management, Performance, and Marketing Coaching for Financial Advisors

If you have been unable to set priorities, react to whatever comes your way (because everything seems equally important), and engage in “to-doing” with no direction, you might need a coach! You’re a financial advisor, not a firefighter! What you need now are solutions to help you run your business with ease.

If you have these questions, I have solutions:

  • What should I be working on next?
  • Whom should I hire next?
  • How can I double my profit?
  • How can I stop working so many hours AND be more productive?
  • What’s the best way for me to market online and offline—and to whom?
  • How do I become a better leader and get my team to work better together?
  • How do I ensure that my business is part of my nest egg?
  • Where do I begin to develop and integrate virtual services?

Life Coaching Especially for Female Financial Advisors

After reading Barbara Stanny’s book, Secrets of Six-Figure Women (highly recommended), I realized that no matter HOW SUCCESSFUL a woman has been, she still holds on to ways of thinking, habits, or behaviors that no longer serve her. Do you hold on to some of these, too?

For instance, are any of these internal obstacles blocking your path to more success?

  • People-pleasing / constantly apologizing
  • Money and abundance blocks
  • “I’m not good enough” thinking / perfectionism
  • Fears of failure / success / rejection / the unknown
  • Comparing yourself to others
  • Doubts that you can have both a booming business and a happy home life
  • Resentments and tolerations

Next Step…

Recognize yourself? If so, and if you are ready to work with more clients while working fewer hours, request a no-obligation Act Now Session with me!

Elevating Your Business: Boosting Profits, Productivity, and Playtime — Faster!