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On Introducing Yourself To Strangers

When a stranger walks up to you and asks, “So, what do you do?”, truth be told, they really don’t care what you do. They are masking the questions they really want to ask you.

What are the questions on their mind? What they really want is: “How can you help me reach my goals?” and “Are you trustable?”.

Give them what they really want. How? Here’s my quick-starter template:

I work with __________

[your target market] to __________ [biggest problem you help them resolve].


I work with independent financial advisors
who are ready to serve more clients.

I work with financial advisors
who are struggling to grow their businesses.

I work with accountants
who are overwhelmed by all there is to do to market their businesses.

See, it’s easy when you have a template! And now you do!

Your turn! tell me what your next intro will be.


What’s your intro?