Welcome, Financial Advisors, To Your Next Business & Life Adventures!

I’m excited to be working with you on your current life and business journey.

Enter this area of my website with the ID and password you received from me in your Welcome Kit.

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Confidential Services

Receive the support you need when you need it. Better input and different solutions lead to more powerful results and a higher level of success.  You get what you need and ask for — be it education, an extra ear, consulting, coaching, brainstorming, or resources.  Note:  I will never tell another person that you are working with me; however, you are welcome to tell anyone you are working with me or to send a referral.

If having a Confidentiality Agreement helps you to feel more comfortable, ask me for mine. I’ll send it to you signed.

What You’ll Get When Working With Me

Below are the services and products I provide. If the plan you originally chose does not contain one or more of the services/products below and you’d like them included in your plan, just ask me for what will help you the most.

Depending on the plan you chose, you’ll receive:

  • A Postal Office delivered Welcome Kit. I won’t tell you all that’s in it, but I’ve been told that it’s fun and exciting to open the box and see what’s inside. Enjoy!
  • Access to my management and marketing courses and videos (some of these programs are an additional fee). Topics include: business planning, creating an ideal client profile, pricing your service right, networking, your first website, your first ezine, marketing using articles, getting the most out of LinkedIn, and many more.
  • 500+ assessments and tools that help you in just about every part of your business or life. You’ll use materials I’ve created over the last 20+ years in business. And some are from the schools I’ve attended, primarily Coach U and Coachville.
  • You’ll gain access to my proprietary life, business, marketing, and internet articles as well as workbooks, videos, audios, and more.
  • Many of my clients use an online business performance management system and coaching accountability system.
  • You’ll have support and accountability via email, text, and phone to help you reach your goals.

Enter Your Client Café

The first thing to do is sign up for your weekly Success Tracker Reminder. Each week, you’ll get a new tracker via email. You’ll follow the instructions and get this accountability tool back to me on Friday before you leave work. With this tool, you’ll be able to watch your progress and wins, too.

Lost Your Password or ID?

Contact me at the direct email you’ve been given.


I prefer that my clients don’t go into debt to hire me. You can pay me by charge card, paypal, echeck, check, etc. You and I will discuss what is best for you prior to you hiring me.

Schedule Sessions

Many of my clients prefer scheduling their sessions online because the system I use creates reminders. If that is you, schedule your sessions here. I will always ensure, at the last meeting of the month, that the next month’s sessions are scheduled via this system or by me.

Programs to Download

All contact information for me, your sessions, Zoom, and materials can be found on the back of the Welcome Kit binder.