Will financial advisor coaching really help take your business to the next level? Let’s face facts. Growing or scaling your business requires new information, proven systems, a commitment to change, and continuous steps towards improving your mindset, management, and marketing. Above all, transformation starts with you—the Advisor CEO—and then aligns your team.

I always work with the owner or top executive first because your vision and goals determine how the rest of your firm will work. Once your firm’s business and marketing plan is in place, I’m available to work with your team as individuals or as a group. Most importantly, growing your book of business always starts with you!

“A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be.”

– Tom Landry

What Does Consultative Coaching for Financial Advisors Look Like?

Everyone is different and requires different levels of support. For example, some individuals thrive on structure and want a coach who identifies specific action steps on each call. Similarly, many are big-picture thinkers who need someone to hold them accountable for implementing changes.

Alternatively, if you prefer financial advisor coaching with a more hands-off approach, that’s not me. My clients want both coaching and consulting. What’s the difference? To sum it up,

“Coaching” is a skill set defined by Thomas Leonard, “the father of coaching,” in the mid-1980s.  I was trained by him through his organization CoachU and Coachville.  Additionally, I was employed by “t,” as he preferred to be called, for 3 years. “Consulting” is about analyzing, strategizing, and reporting what’s occurring along with changes to make.  As your consultant, I become your partner, providing you with options, resources, information, and simple—yet different—solutions.  When I’m wearing my consultant that, I provide expertise in marketing (on and off the internet), networking, sales training, maximizing productivity, and technology.
Coaching is a process based on your goals and involves changes in thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors.  My job as a coach is to listen to you, help you clarify your goals, and then provide support and tools as you move towards those goals. While serving as a consultant to B/D firms on Wall Street, I figured out problems that were costing the firm money, provided  solutions to the manager or owner, and then left a report with them that addressed solutions, unless I was invited to implement the solutions (which often happened).

Hire Me for Financial Advisor Coaching (for Business and/or Life) When You Want These Results:

Certainly, my goal is to help you simplify and make running a business easier by providing you with proven solutions, exercises, templates, videos, and other resources customized to your needs.

Financial Advisor Coaching Involves Strategic, Tactical, and Operational Planning

First, strategic planning helps you realize short- and long-term goals. Your plan will contain your critical goals—those that will help you get ahead the fastest.

Second, tactical planning helps you implement your plan by turning strategies into reality and ensuring that all the pieces you create are in alignment with your future goals. I’ll be by your side, critiquing what you’re working on, as well as providing resources and connections to others who can assist you.

Lastly, operational planning focuses on helping you create routine operational tasks and long-term projects. I call this systematizing. You create duplicatable systems that you can use not only once but, usually, in at least 10 other ways.

The 3 M’s: Focus Areas for Financial Advisor Coaching Programs

The groundwork for my customized financial advisor coaching services is based on the 3 M’s, to clarify:

  • Changing your mindset

  • Improving the way you manage your business

  • Determining the best ways to market your business

As a Life and Business Coach for Women Financial Advisors, Here’s How I Help You Break Through to Your Next Level of Success:

Mindset Management Marketing
Address burnout concerns Proven systems and processes How to nail your niche
Get a “top-earner” perspective Best practices of top advisors Create deeper connections with clients
Boost your confidence Step-by-step and actionable Discover your edge and stand out
Determine priorities, then focus on sales Duplicatable and reusable Become the obvious choice
Keep accountable Planning to scale your business Avoid the dangers of spaghetti marketing
Get encouragement Troubleshooting to find gaps Engage in effective, efficient, and more consistent marketing
Celebrate your wins You have much right! Earn more while working fewer hours

Transforming Global Businesses with Financial Advisor Coaching . . . No Matter What the Economy is Doing

I work with financial advisors and their firms in three ways: one-on-one, in teams or groups, and with DIY materials. This allows you to decide which program best fits your lifestyle, schedule, budget, and learning style.

Since 1998, I’ve coached most of my clients virtually. So, if working with your clients virtually is on your “to-get-done” list, I can help you there, too. Plus, when it’s safe for all, I’ll be meeting with clients who prefer in-person meetings.

Today, start at the Services page to choose the right financial advisor coaching program for your needs.

Meetings take place online. We'll use Zoom.us, Skype, or WhatsApp to meet. All these platforms are free and easy to use. I will talk to you about which app you prefer, as well as show you how to install it (if necessary) and how to join the first call. Most importantly, we will test out the system and download the app of your choice before your first call. Email Coaching: If your plan calls for email coaching, I will give you my private email account. You can contact me when you're stuck, to tell me about a win, to ask for a resource or tool, or to just let me know what you're up to. Success Tracker: You'll send answers to 7 questions to me prior to the end of the workweek. I will review your document on Friday night and give you the feedback and/or resources you need. Urgent Calls: If your plan includes Urgent Call access, give me a call or text and I'll get back to you ASAP. For example, use these 5-minute calls to get unstuck, talk about something new going on, etc. Don't stay stuck until your next meeting!
Set aside the equivalent of one day a week to work on your business. Why? I like to use shooting a bow and arrow as an example. When you place the arrow in the bow, you move it back before you let it spring forward. Similarly, while I want you to take action on business development, sometimes you need to learn the system first. Therefore, if you learn the system and use the tools, you'll make educated decisions. Consequently, you'll spring ahead with strong intention and clarity. Take the time to understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. You'll develop your strategic thinking and planning mindset, which—over time—can help you achieve the results you’re seeking.
Monthly programs for solo financial advisors and teams require a 12-month minimum commitment. In addition, coaching is renewable in three-month increments at a monthly rate, or we'll create a special maintenance program that suits your needs.
Maria became an operations clerk at Merrill Lynch in 1973. By 1977, she was trading municipal bonds for retail (retail reps and some advisors). Her job was to increase sales at Bear Stearns. She doubled the retail sales in a year. At the trading desk, she fixed issues with trade problems—not only in her units but for the entire department. Her knack for getting results earned her a reputation. "Oh, that's a Maria problem," the traders would say. "Give it to her. She'll fix it." Likewise, she became the "go-to" person for any department that had an issue with municipal bonds. Fast forward five years, and Maria asked for a transfer to operations-admin, as she realized that she loved "fixing things" or finding simple solutions to complex problems. Maria worked as Bear Stearns' first Internal Consultant and was sent into the Corporate Bond Department, New Accounts, Accounting, IT, Purchasing, and various other departments to "fix things," then leave documentation of all changes and new systems with the managers. Additionally, because so many of the principles Maria teaches are universal business best practices, Maria has worked with owners in more than 35 industries. That includes industries such as chiropractic, software, IT, web design, massage therapy, business management, law, architecture, coaching, health products, and many more. In the same vein, you bring to the table your expertise from all the work you've done and all the courses you've taken in your industry. Similarly, Maria will bring to the table her business consulting expertise, her life coaching training, and all the tools she has developed over the past 20 years. Certainly, that's a recipe for more growth, great clients, and a better life.
First, every business owner gets a Free Session. This is an opportunity to: a) Discover what’s really causing the challenges in your business—not just the symptoms but, rather, the source of your challenges. b) Take a snapshot of where you are today compared to where you want to be. c) Get some insights and solutions for growing past any obstacles. Pre-qualify for a free call here: https://www.elevatingyourbusiness.com/free-coaching-financial-advisors-free/
Some program end dates are known: a 1-hour session, 1-day course, weekend event, etc. The Business Advisor Mastery program term is 12-months. However, the program depends on the systems you have in place, your discipline in completing your "happy homework," and your willingness to change. Stage One: Getting Your Business in Order takes 6 to 18 months. During this stage, you'll review your business from the ground up and strengthen its foundational systems. In short, this is usually the longest of the 3 stages. Stage Two: Growing Your Business typically takes 9 to 12 months. It often includes life coaching. Every business and business owner is different, and individuals progress at their own rate. Some clients determine that they want to continue after Stage 2. Stage 3: Maintenance While we don't work together as much, I offer discounts if we continue our working relationship monthly or from time to time.
Financing is not available and we prefer that our clients NOT go in debt to use our services. However, we look to offer advisors programs at various price points. If you're going through a difficult time, contact me and I'll see what program may offer you the help you're seeking.
Absolutely. I work with millionaires, too. Business systems can always be improved to help you get to the next level of success. If you're working over 35 hours a week, there are areas of your business that can benefit from my programs. In addition, if you're too busy in your professional life to enjoy the fruits of your labor, we can work on that. One of the most important benefits that my clients report is a more full-filled life. That's in addition to "breathing easier" because more of their business is working on its own.
1) While I work with you strategically, I also work with you tactically. In other words, I help you get things done. 2) Clients who have purchased coaching elsewhere tell me that I give them much more than their other coaches did. I think what they're noticing is the consulting part of what I offer clients. 3) While I'm a tough-love, no-nonsense type of coach, I'm also very compassionate. 4) I have fired clients who don't do the work to which they commit. That is to say, I don't want to take money knowing you won't get results due to inaction.
I offer consultation, coaching, and speaking services. While my coaching programs are designed to meet the needs of most professionals, some clients require additional services. For example, my team offers DISC behavioral assessments with an expert debrief, social media automation (posting to social profiles on your behalf, etc.), and onsite services (in which a coach visits your office and team in person). These services are available for an additional fee and are offered both virtually and in person.