Life and Business Coaching Programs for Women Financial Advisors

Women financial advisors – are you torn between hiring a life / business coach OR an operations / marketing consultant to get the support and strategies you need to grow or scale your business? The decision can be difficult.

Luckily, as my client, it’s a decision you don’t have to make!  To clarify, you’ll get the experience of an operations consultant (and retail trader) from a Wall Street veteran.  In addition, you have the support and tools of a trained life coach.  Since starting my business in 1998, I’ve helped Main Street businesses just like yours grow with proven marketing strategies.  Incidentally, my clients tell me they’re pleasantly surprised at all the services I provide.  Compared to their former business coaches, they get access to more tools, templates, exercises, insightful questions, email access, and research.

Are you ready to revamp your vision of your life, your ideal clients, and your business?   Let’s transform your vision into a reality.  Customized, consultative coaching does that and more.  In short, no matter which program you choose, you get my unique, dual-purpose brand of consultative coaching!

The courses below are for growth and success-minded women financial advisors and financial industry professionals.  These programs are available one-on-one, in a group setting, or do-it-yourself (with some help).  All are offered in person (when safe) or virtually.

The 3 Ms of Success for
Women Financial Advisors


You need strong leadership skills to rise to the top and a strong inner core to survive – and thrive – there. When you accelerate your personal growth, you’ll find yourself living better - with some extra time. You'll be your best self, a better partner in relationships, and grow as a leader.

Challenge Your Thoughts

As a Life Coach, I can help you:

  • Focus on what matters most
  • Eliminate time-wasters
  • Enhance your confidence
  • Achieve your goals faster
  • Restore your integrity


Being a great boss is one of the best gifts an owner can give to her team. When you hire right, delegate, and trust your team, your firm will run like a Swiss watch. Plus, when you take time off, you won’t find a gigantic pile of things to do, and you'll have made money!


Lead your team successfully:

  • Engage them in your vision
  • Delegate time-consuming tasks
  • Plan for succession
  • Invest in their training
  • Upgrade your technology


It’s common to realize that you’re bogged down in “business-building” activities that keep you busy but don’t seem to help you book more ideal clients, grow your business, or earn more. “Spaghetti Marketing” doesn't work. You need proven, repeatable strategies!

Consistency, Off & Online Integration

Quickly grow your firm:

  • Build trust with target marketing
  • Integrate off/online marketing
  • Focus on the 5 best strategies
  • Attract the right prospects
  • Create a marketing calendar

Choosing the Best Consultative Coaching Program for
Women Financial Advisors

Solo Advisor

Solo financial advisors find themselves in a singular situation—pun intended.  There are only so many hours in a day.  Even if you have an assistant, the bulk of the work lands on your capable shoulders.  If you’re in the $150k to $300k revenue range, these courses are for you.  Discover how to add proven best practices to your firm and grow it in a way that reduces overwhelm, increases productivity, and adds the accountability and comradery you might be missing as a solo advisor.  Build a solid foundation by working smarter—avoid common mistakes, succeed faster, and advance confidently towards your grandest vision of your firm.

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Advisor Lifestyle

If your current goal is to push your firm past the $1 million revenue mark, these courses are for you.  You’ve prospered in your field.  Now it is a question of scalability—reliably repeating your success firm-wide with a systematized approach.  The flagship program, Million-Dollar Mastery, confronts your persistent challenges head-on, rooting out and replacing obstacles with proven processes.  A premier financial advisor marketing course constitutes the other half of the program, focused on long-term growth through an influx of ideal clients.  You’ll discover how an Advisor-CEO mindset frees you to enjoy the lifestyle you’ve created.

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Advisor Leadership

When making money and making a mark both have appeal, these courses are for you.  Whether it’s to create your lasting legacy or achieve a bodacious business goal, you must clarify your goals, clearly communicate your grand vision, and gain buy-in from your team.  Thus, you must be an effective leader.  These courses are the most customized I offer, ranging from one-to-one confidential sessions to targeted programs for team collaboration.  When you’re up to big things, you need specific support and solutions.  My programs provide a mix of life and business coaching to motivate and monitor the alignment, productivity, and performance of your team.

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Private Customized Consultative Coaching

Success comes with commitment and action. My goal is to provide you with a customized consultative-coaching experience.  This includes numerous resources, collaborative experiences, step-by-step processes, and powerful guidance to elevate your thinking and business perspective.  When it comes to change, it’s common to hesitant to take steps towards growth–even growth you want.  I’ll be here to guide you as your sounding board, cheerleader, and accountability partner who will give you an outside perspective in developing effective strategies.   I’ll help you walk through the obstacles, challenges, blind spots, and keep you honest.

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Additional Services Per Program Type

My programs and modules are available for group settings.  That includes my niching and business planning / performance programs.  Let’s talk about bringing them into your firm, study group, or institution.  Some programs are available as “DIY With Some Coaching.”

Value-Added Services Private Coaching Advisor Leadership Lifestyle Advisor Solo Advisor
Assessments & Tools – Based on the program you’re taking, this can include any combination of 500+ workbooks, exercises, checklists, videos, audios, instructional exercises, and custom tools. Yes Topic materials Topic materials Topic materials
Ongoing Private Sessions – Sessions with me by phone, Skype, video, recorded, or transcribed. Yes 60 min. total 30 min. total N/A
Success Tracker – Weekly accountability form. Yes Yes Yes N/A
Recordings – Calls can be recorded and transcribed. Clients Choice All Group Calls Pre-recorded  videos N/A
Email – Unlimited support and contact via email and text. No reason to ever stay stuck or to wait for a session for me to look at something you’re working on. Yes Yes Yes Limited to module completion
Emergency Calls – 5-minute calls when requested. Yes Yes Yes
Accountability App – Receive mobile and web-based access to my app for accountability, efficiency, and celebrating.  It’s one place for scheduling, billing, task management, file sharing, online forms and worksheets, session notes, and more. Yes Yes Yes Possible
EYB Inner Circle – Receive a password to a private online community.  Ask questions which I and others may answer.  Share your experiences, too. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Group Sessions – Depends on the program and customization.
In-Person Events – Currently in small meetings and depends on travel situations related to Covid. Yes Yes Yes