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Actually, I’m providing you with a listing of Stock Market holidays until the end of  2019!

What can you do with this information?

1) Ask your assistant to add these days to your firm’s online calendar.

2) Place these holidays and early days off on your firm’s physical office calendar, the calendar that includes your vacation days, your team’s days off,  other days off or half-days you give your team,  team fun days, etc.

3) Share the calendar with your clients (in print) or in your next newsletter by copying the information from my Excel spreadsheet or email them my spreadsheet, as is.

4) Put these dates and any other days off on your firm’s Appointment Scheduler (the one where your clients or prospects can make their own appointments).

If you’d like a copy of this calendar in MS Excel, join our newsletter. We’ll send you a copy and other tips like this, too.















How will you use this calendar?  Let us know by leaving us a comment below.