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12 January 2020

20 Ways To Choose A Topic & Content To Write About

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Starting an article with a blank page in front of you is difficult.  This article will give you ideas on how to choose topics to write about and it may even bring you just a little more confidence to write your first or next article today.  Writing an article is easier than you think!   IF I CAN WRITE, YOU CAN WRITE At the end of 8th grade, it was highly recommended that I attend summer school for my worst subjects— Math and English (I barely passed these subjects).  I went; however, one month later I was diagnosed with pneumonia and spent the summer in intensive care at Maimonides Hospital in Brooklyn. Fast forward eight years.

7 July 2019

Why write a book?

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My coaching mentor happened to be a former financial planner, my boss for a few years, and "the father of coaching".  Thomas Leonard taught me that writing wasn't as difficult as I made it out to be. He could, and often did, design a new website every day -- including all the words of another new coaching program.   He wrote 100's of top ten articles and turned the best of the best into a book.  He also offered the coaches he was training the opportunity to include their own top ten lists on his site. To become published, all I had to write was a title, short introduction, and ten tips.  That was it.  If

24 October 2017

What Advisors Need To Understand About Spam

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I find that financial advisors, more than any business owner, are guilty of NOT understanding the difference between SPAM and an email they don’t like. It could be because advisors, as a whole, are newer to aspects of the internet and many don’t have newsletters due to compliance reasons, lack of funds to pay a compliance person to check their email newsletters, or because they don’t enjoy writing. The good thing is that many custodians, IBDs, advisor networks, and marketers offer their members compliance approved articles that can be placed in newsletters that are mailed or emailed. And if you haven’t been around the internet since it started, then you haven’t watched the progression of emails

28 September 2017

I hate writing, do you?

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Celebrating 19 years of writing! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I hate writing and try as I have, I suck at it and yet, I still I do a lot of it! But no matter what classes I took to write better, proofread better, etc., they didn’t work. Like many of you, I’m an insightful idea person (that’s what my clients call my out of the box ideas that they use

27 November 2015

Article Banks Are Internet Marketing Gold

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At the start of internet marketing, this marketing strategy used to be called "article marketing."   Today it's called, "content marketing".  Same thing, for the same reasons. What are article banks? Article banks are two-way websites where authors "deposit" articles to invest and where lenders "take" the article to use. The "interest" someone pay for using an article consists of a bio or resource box. Each article bank site includes guidelines for authors and potential publishers. Authors retain first rights - retain ownership - to articles placed on article banks. Some article bank sites publish e-zines that include recently submitted articles, ad swap requests and/or an "articles wanted" area, too. You'll find many article bank Web

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