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Here are some tips on what you can do to bring traffic to your website.

  1. Create a marketing plan so you can plan what to put on your blog monthly.
  2. Find easy ways for your clients to pay you and if possible, giving people an option to pay you online.
  3. Keep the timing of each page to a minimum.
  4. Get out and be in places your ideal clients “hang out”.
  5. Network: speak at meetings joining groups, etc.
  6. Be consistent with your company’s brand.
  7. Check the links on your site to make sure they work.  While people will forgive blog links that don’t work, they will leave a website whose navigation links aren’t working.
  8. Make sure your website address is on all your literature — business cards, brochures, newsletters, letterhead, email signature, everything!!
  9. Offer free e-books, assessments, or reports in return for their email address.
  10. Don’t create a newsletter or blog unless, at a minimum, you will send something out monthly.
  11. Provide a Books List or Recommended Resources List on your website based on the needs of your ideal clients.*
  12. Add ways for your visitors to follow you on social networking to your blog posts.
  13. Add a way for your visitors to PRINT your blog posts and pages if that makes sense to you.
  14. Create a membership site.
  15. Develop an area of your site for client log in to documents. Put everything they could possibly need in back of that password protected area.
  16. Have a subscription box on every page of your website with no more than 2 different “freebies” ads.
  17. Teach classes or podcasts to prospects and put the links on your website.
  18. Teach classes to your clients and put the links in the client login area of your website.
  19. Create and post case studies to your blog*
  20. Conduct periodic contests, flash sales/events, etc. *
  21. Develop or become part of a summit geared to your ideal clients.
  22. Use some of these WordPress plugins:
    1.  Retweet Your Post (will send out your old posts to social media at a time you determine)
    2.  Jetpack Retweet (will send out new posts to your social media)
    3.  Jetpack blog post submission box for your blog
    4.  Yoast (for SEO)
    5.  ConvertPlus (popup subscription box)
  23. Make sure that when you speak, you provide an evaluation form, with a box where people can request more information from you, a consultation, or newsletter and then within 24 hours, send the audience a permission-based email. (no selling please)




Minimum search engine submission information

–Search engines look for certain TAGS, that even the free plugin from Yoast helps you make your site more “search-engine friendly”. <header tags>, <META tags>, <keyword tags> etc.   This can get very confusing and there are several places to look for help, including YouTube.  Here are links from Social Examiner, one of Coach Maria’s recommended resources. 

–<TITLE> tags: Title tags should be 60 or so characters and have some keywords in them.

–<KEYWORDS> It is best to try to keep it to 15 to 20 words to avoid being considered SPAM but experiment with this and see what works.

– META tags go in the <HEAD> section of the HTML page.  When you put them into the title area of Yoast, then it puts them on the page for you.


  • NOTE: Due to regulations, some industries, especially the finance industry, do not allow their peeps to do all the types of marketing efforts that the rest of us can do. Most of those firms often have compliance departments or officers.  Always double check with your officers before marketing in a new way.