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Most people set goals, at least yearly. However, the goals don’t stick any longer than the end of January.

Any time of the year, setting goals IS the start of a great process. Even better are turning those goals into (many) doable actionable steps that last throughout the year, and then some.

Here are 5 ways to create goals that stick and energize you.

1) Define 9 goals that include a number for easy measurement and completion date to keep you focused.
Sample: Bring in 30 new clients, 6 each quarter, by 12/15

2) Create 3-5 marketing strategies that you’ll execute consistently during the year to help reach your goals.
Ideas: make your firm referable, create a marketing plan, design a marketing funnel or calendar, run a family event next summer, hold a monthly webinar for your best clients, hold small private events, create a newsletter (in print and online), write blog posts, etc.)

3) Drop or upgrade 5 management strategies that didn’t work for you last year.
Ideas: technology that isn’t working, not cross-training, inconsistent client acquisition processes, no business plan, haphazard HR process, no systems in writing.)

4) Design a way to monitor your efforts; both time and money spent on the project AND result$.
Ideas: create an excel spreadsheet, use post-it notes, buy a white board, use index cards, subscribe to or purchase project management or online performance management software.

5) Take action daily and monitor your efforts at least weekly.
Ideas: catch mistakes as they occur, figure out ways to do more of what’s working, use a Lessons Learned report often.



By the way, what do you think? Do you create written personal or professional goals? Why or why not? How often do you adjust your goals? What tips help you stick to goal setting? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

A helpful goal setting tool is a white paper called Executive Summary: How The One Page Business Plan® Can Help Grow Your Firm.  If nothing else it can get you thinking about a process that has helped more than 250,000 business owners and financial professionals. Request your copy here.



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