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Start by creating (and sticking to) a schedule

Do you use a schedule proactively to run your business? Or do you get to the end of the day and wonder where your time went?
Not having a daily schedule causes lost time, wastes energy, and could lose you money. When you don’t have a game plan for prioritizing and completing tasks, you’ll find yourself easily distracted. And if you feel that your business is running your life, create and then stick to a schedule.
Either before you leave work each night or in the a.m., depending on what works best for you, assess what needs to get done. But know that, because you’re proactively running your business, you may need to make adjustments because emergencies and surprises do show up when you least expect them.

And audit your “to doing”

If you’re unable to create a scheduler, could it be that you’re doing too much?   Here’s an article that shows you how you can benefit by creating an Activity Audit first. 

It’s a simple process – simply write down the tasks you perform during the day.  You don’t need to include the amount of time on your Activity Audit, unless you want to keep track of the time.  You may be surprised at what you learn!

Once you uncover where your time is disappearing, be proactive and create better daily habits, like using an Executive Scheduler to help run your business!


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