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All people are coachable, but they’re not always coachable at every point in time. Sometimes, people want to experience change, but they’re not currently open to adjusting their beliefs, behaviors, or mindset. Sometimes, they aren’t comfortable with stepping outside their comfort zone and taking action.

For the coaching relationship to be successful, it takes much dedication, honesty, openness, and effort on your part, as the coachee. It also involves introspection, a willingness to try on new things (even for just 7 days), and to make your life and business a “no excuses” zone.

Part of the coaching relationship involves you interviewing perspective coaches to see if they’re a good fit with what you’re looking for and if they have the right personality style and knowledge. Coaching is a collaboration.

The coaching relationship, whether you apply private or group coaching, starts with a greater understanding of oneself and continues with business/career growth.

Take the quiz and you’ll discover how coachable you are — RIGHT NOW — or not! If you’re not ready at this time, try again in six months. If it occurred to you to even take the quiz, you might be closer than you think. So don’t give up on your growth!

Take The Quiz to See if You’re Coachable

Your answers are 200% private! As you see, we don’t ask you for your name, email, etc. Our system will add your score for you and give you your Coachability Index. Take the quiz now.

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