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Want to grow and scale your financial firm? Over the past 40 years, I have helped businesses of all sizes double their revenue (and more). But these weren't your average business owners. They pursued goals they'd never admitted to anyone out loud (until they told me)! If you're an advisor with big plans, my proven programs and systems will help you create your business so that you help loads of people, live your dreams, and work less in the process. During my career, I've helped a long list of companies make and save millions of dollars. Need a sounding board to clarify your plans? Ready for the little push and proven structure that will turbocharge your business and life? Contact me now! https://www.elevatingyourbusiness.com/contact-business-coach-maria-marsala/

Growing vs. Scaling an Advisory Business

When a firm is in startup mode, the owner often has a vision on what they want that business to looks like in the future.  It doesn't mean that that vision won't change as time goes on.  But there is a vision short and long-term in their heads.  Those visions pushes us forwards, even on very challenging days, weeks and months. An advisor might prefer to be stay a solo business, become a partnership, grow to a small business, or scale to a much larger visible firm -- or somewhere in between.     Startups The main goal of a start up is to take what they know, serve as many clients as possible, and to be profitable.   Growth Growth is about increasing resources at the same time you’re adding revenue.  You're gaining clients and increasing revenue.  You grow your firm (profit) and the costs increase because you’re growing your team (people), processes and technology. Profit increases slowly because you're putting money back into the company to pay for the increased resources. Example: As a service-based business with an increasing flow of new clients, will hire more people/vendors, and create systems to upgrade customer service and make training new employees easier. They'll bring on more technology to service clients and their operation.   Scaling Scaling is about adding revenue over time while adding or changing few resources.  You increase your margin at a rapid rate over a short period of time by adding clients. You’re able

Business Coaching & Coffee Saturdays

Coaching  & Coffee Saturday! Virtual Meeting, on StartMeeting Starts: Saturday,  May 2, 2020 Reoccurring the First and Third of Each Month New York   11:00 am Vancouver    8:00 am Dehli            8:30 pm  IST Sydney         1:00 am AEST, Sunday London         4:00pm  BST Open Coaching on Your Questions & Let's talk about what it's like "Working From Home", how to make it work better for you, and share what you're doing with your fellow advisors.  But if you have something pressing on your mind, bring it to this open coaching session.   Your Coach is in! To register, enter your information here   

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How To Be More Productive When Working From Home

    Even under stress we can do much good at this time in our history (April 2020). That's why the perfect question to ask yourself, as often as possible, is “what is the best use of my time right now?” I wasn't asking myself that question enough since I started working fewer hours, and so I found myself getting down in the dumps. To that end, I wrote this article as a reminder for myself of what I can be doing, and hopefully the list in this article will help you, too. Maybe you're like me and have been working from home for a long time. Maybe working from home is new to you. Either way, when you don't have the freedom of going out and doing what you want, because you want to be safe and keep others safe, too, it's easy to not be productive. When you can't connect physically with people (I'm a big hand shaker), life seems weird. When I just can't get in the car and drive to visit relatives or drive just for the heck of it, life seems more than hard. But there is plenty we all can do. Not just to keep busy, but to be productive and make the best use of the time we have now. Below are some suggestions of things we can do to help our business: Create an Executive Schedule. It’s a schedule of how you’ll be spending your day. I’m sure you’ve seen

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What To Do When Life Throws You a Curveball That Changes Direction Hourly

Change can suck or it's an adventure.  Thing is, it can be both within seconds.  Stress comes along with change.  Stress can lead to overwhelm.  Overwhelm can lead to depression and anxiety issues.  Stress also lead to us not thinking right, of being unable to really "hear" or think like we used to.  Below, I offer some resources to you about change and stress that have helped my clients.      Ways to deal with change (article) https://cafemutual.com/news/guestcolumn/332-how-can-advisors-deal-with-change   Ways to Manage Your Change Mindset  (Video 20 minutes) https://www.elevatingyourbusiness.com/listen-to-profiting-from-change-how-to-manage-your-mindset-and-overcome-overwhelm/   Avoid Business Burnout: 7 Critical Planning Areas (Article) https://www.elevatingyourbusiness.com/avoid-business-burnout-plan/   31 Signs of Burnout & Burnout Assessment (Download) https://www.dropbox.com/s/oz1u2qu88jcu8y8/Banishing%20Burnout%20Assessment.pdf?dl=0

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Video on “Going Virtual” with Your Business During this Crisis

Your Presenter:  Maria Marsala, Elevating Your Business INSTANT REPLAY WITH NOTES NOW AVAILABLE! Are you ready to meet with prospects and clients virtually?  Let me help you discover easy online strategies that can help your business thrive, even in these disruptive times.  Learn how to take the best of what you've been doing offline and add online tools and strategies to give you and your clients options on how you can work together and attract more of your ideal clients.   You'll also see how easy it is to get appointments booked and reminders sent out without you doing anything! We are all facing an unprecedented situation as the coronavirus causes chaos, fear, and worry for everyone on the globe. Here at Elevating Your Business, I help financial businesses grow and scale. During times of crisis, there are ways to communicate with prospects and be there for clients who need your help. We have surely withstood many times of uncertainty in the past. Together, by doing business a bit differently, we will get through this too! Join me for an important, FREE 45-minute Q and A webinar where I'll answer your questions about "going virtual", how to continue marketing your business safely, and working with clients in safe ways during this global crisis. When:  March 24, 2020.  Replay now Available with notes. Register below. Time: 1 PM (EST) (1 hour) Cost: FREE Register here: NOTE: There will be NO offer or sales pitch, of any sort, at

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Get (free) help with accountablity while you’re working from home

Humans, all over the world, are dealing with so much "unknown". At a time when we need each other, we're being asked to keep our "social distances" from each other. We have options. Find support in your homes. Keep in touch with other relatives and friend virtually, whenever possible. Look around your block. Who is over 60 who might need food or medication? Put a note in their mailbox for them to call you for your help. Find support online. Find support, even with personal contacts using virtual resources (Teleconferencing, SKYPE, Facetime, StartMeeting, Zoom, etc.) Find personal support online. Other than joining a local Facebook group, check out Nextdoor.com Its all about connecting with neighbors. What sorts of things can you do if you're not working, are working from home and find that you're accomplishing so much, or do and keep social distance on the weekends? Personally, I'm busy moving to a new apartment, right upstairs from where I currently live. There is plenty of cleaning and fixing that needs done to get ready for the painters. My coaching business has been virtual since its' inception. If your business is local, let your team work from home. Then call the phone company and ask that calls be forwarded to your assistant's phone (of course pay for it) or your home or cell phone. There is a charge, but it's safer than going into the office. Schedule daily or twice daily meetings with your team virtually. This month's

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9 Ways Advisors Can Easily Meet With Clients or Prospects Virtually

In 1998, while living in North Carolina, I presented a marketing program to 40 business development offices.  Nothing strange there, but the program presented was taught virtually.  I saw no students in person. The concept of conducting a talk virtually was alien to me as well as pretty much everyone in the offices.  And I have to say, with the headset and other technology on and around me, I felt like a Martian! Webinars were so new then, and mine was 20 minutes late due to some towns not being able to connect.  As far as I know, the state of NC was the first place I knew of to create a platform.  They wanted business owners in rural NC to get the same resources (speakers) as the business development centers in large cities. Fast forward 21 years and much has changed about webinars, especially what the technology costs! Considering that we're currently being told to limit contact with other humans, video conferencing or audio conferences are a great way to meet with clients and prospects. The technology can help keep all of us just a bit safer. So, what are your options? I see two options, and both involve technology.  The system you use depends on you and your comfort level with technology, but more importantly, it depends on YOUR CLIENTS' technical experience. If you are an advisor, it also depends on what compliance will allow.  So please contact compliance for what you can use and

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7 Ways to Improve Your Website For Potential Prospects & Clients

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net Your website serves as the first impression of your business online. Potential clients use it to compare your firm to your competitors’ firms. Therefore, it's a best practice to review your website for errors, inconsistencies, and other required changes each year. Below are a few common places to start shaping up your website.   Check for Broken Links on Your Website Broken links can occur on any website page. You’ll know a link is broken when you click on it and an “error” page shows up instead of the page you originally linked to. This happens because the page you linked to was either moved or has been deleted. A link can also be broken because it was originally mistyped. Broken links are annoying to your site’s visitors and weaken your website credibility! How do you solve this problem? Well, you can click on every link on your site (which is tedious and you’ll probably miss a few) or you can run a link checker app that scans your site and gives you a report of all your broken links. If you have NEVER checked your website’s links, I highly recommend that you run the link checker on your home page first. Why? It will check both the links within the page and the navigation links that appear at the top of every page. Once you fix the home page links, problematic navigation links won’t continue to show

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How To Create An Advisory Firm Business Plan When It’s The Last Thing You Want To Do

Creating your first business plan, whether you're new to business or an established advisor starts with introspection and continues with your answers to the 24 business development questions below. I've provided you with questions that will get the process going. If you're in need of funding, answer these questions BEFORE you sit down with business plan software that will walk you through a much longer but necessary process. If instead you need a plan to help you run and scale your business, start by answering the questions below.  Then get on the wait list for my next Create Your Business Growth Plan Masterclass wait-list  to learn how to put everything together and monitor what you've created.  You'll be notified of the next dates.   But, if instead you do nothing else than answer these questions, you'll be more ahead of the game than you have been in the past and are now.  Even if you're successful, you'll be that much more successful having considered where you're headed. For a list of best business practice systems click here 1. What are your top 5 lifetime personal goals? 2. What parts of what you're doing do you enjoy the most? 3. What parts of what you're doing do you hate doing? 4. What parts of what you're doing do you enjoy but doing them are not a good use of your time? 5. Who do you have to hire in order to get #3 and #4 above done? 6. Who do you

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