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Business good, but you want GREAT? Financial businesses can do well without planning, many do. However, at some point in their business cycle, they become stuck.

To become a high performing organization, to grow your firm more rapidly, a firm needs a solid foundation which includes a planning and monitoring process. Got yours? I sure do have mine!

Back in 2000, a major shift in my business occurred when I came across the One Page Business Plan® process. Now, as a certified consultant for the program, I help business owners, executives, and teams to make major shifts in their business or career.

Don’t let the simplicity of the name fool you. While the process helps you create a business and marketing plan — your planning process should be much more. It should:

  • Help you diagnose how every area of your business is doing.
  • Clarify your thinking and focus on the elements that are the most critical to your success.
  • Test your ideas without having to put substantial amounts of cash at risk.
  • Help you to boost the profits and performance of your small company or department.
  • Be ready to be used over and over again.

No Excuses! Create Your Plan Your way!


If you’re on a tight budget or prefer to create your plan yourself, do it based on your current operations and business skills. What you’ll create is a plan based on the thoughts you have or things you’ve done or want to do. Purchase the workbook that includes information to access the Entrepreneur Toolkit CD online. Fee: up to $35 plus an average of 18 hours of your time.

Do It With Some Help

Go to the cloud to create your plan using a template system. A first draft will take you approx. 90 minutes. Then you’ll have what’s in your head on paper. Next, let me help you take your plan to the next level and beyond with two hours of 1:1 coaching taped for you to review and update. Fee: $999

Do It In a Day Group

Team members create a solid draft of a plan for their position within your firm in a day at your office, a retreat center, virtually, or a place you designate. Ask me more about bringing this program to you and your team.

Do it With Your Peers

Each quarter we host a one-day virtual group program for up to 10 students. Fee: $999

Do It In a Weekend

Your finalized plan will be completed for and with you in less than 15 hours. You’ll start using it to run your business on Monday. You can’t get much easier than that and have a viable plan you’ll use every day. (I did say there were NO excuses, didn’t I?) Done as we meet on Skype, sit in my office, sit in your office, or a retreat center. I ask you lots of clarifying questions. As you’re providing me with answers you will watch me take your words and put them into the plan in a concise way. Email me today to schedule a time to talk with me about this program.
Fee: $2,750 (one person involved, plan done virtually)

To learn more and for a demo of the program, contact Maria here

The One-Page Business Plan process® is a five part business plan program. It helps you simply create your plan and in doing so, it gives you a system to monitor your progress. Creating a plan now, will save you hours upon hours’ worth of your valuable time and will help you make fewer large and costly mistakes.

Isn’t that what you need as a financial advisor who is running a business? Systems and processes that work and more time to do what you’re passionate about? Below are 10 key elements of any process.

1. It helps you choose opportunities more wisely and waste less time because you have a plan in place.

2. A single page can contain all the elements you need to tell your employees, board of directors, potential partners or banker where you are taking your business and how you are going to get there.

3. The most important reason to have a business plan is to clarify your thinking, regardless of the size of your company.

4. Knowing where you’re going creates hope and enthusiasm about the future.

5. It facilitates creating and analytical thinking, problem solving, communication, and teamwork.

6. It also brings out procrastination, frustration, differences of opinions, and possibly anger so that they can be handled.

7. Writing your important initiates transforms ideas to reality.

8. Writing allows your staff to participate in your dream and give you feedback.

9. Using your plan daily, you’ll create the day’s priorities and make decisions about your business.

10. You’ll be able to create balanced scorecards, templates, budgets, and use lots of bonus tools to help keep you on track!

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