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Sometimes I am reminded of the best way to gain new clients.  In coaching, it’s called the “Jane Smart Letter”.  I first learned about the concept from a coaching school.   I’m never surprised of the results the Jane Smart letter brings.  (Thomas Leonard, the author of the Jane Smart Letter, in case you don’t know, is the father of coaching and a former financial planner.)

No matter how long you’ve been in business, it’s never too late to mail a Jane Smart letter, as in with a stamp.   It’s especially important if you haven’t formally told your friends, relatives, and former colleagues what you’re in business. You’re doing them and your business a disservice.  Plus, you’re bound to be annoyed.

I can’t tell you how often a client has said: “I can’t believe what my friend “x” told me.  He’s doing business with a competitor.”  I say, “When did you formally speak to “x” about your business?”  They say, “Well, they know what I do”.  I say, never take anything for granted.

I mean, if you need to “invite” a prospect to become a client, by asking for the sale, i.e., “I’d love doing business with you”, then you need to tell the people who know you what you do!

So, what’s in a Jane Smart letter?

Unlike most marketing, half of this letter is about you.

  1. In Excel, create a list of friends, relatives, and former colleagues.
  2. Make the letters personal by using their names.  If you don’t know how to merge name and address from MS Excel into MS Word, there is a free training on the MS website.
  3. In the 1-page letter:
      • Let people know that you’re in business, what you’re doing, and where your office is located.
      • Mention who your ideal clients are and list 3 things they would hear your ideal clients say
      • Let them know that you’re available for new business
      • Offer them and anyone they know who fits the description of your ideal client a free 20-minute call to see if you’re both a good match to work together
      • Let them know about your free newsletter, blog, podcasts, and/or website
      • Include 2 business cards for them to share

Once you’ve created and sent out your Jane Smarter letter, come back to tell me how well it’s worked out.