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This 15-20 minute assessment is designed to help accountants and financial professionals take a very in-depth look at your business or practice very quickly.   Completing our Business Evaluator will give you a very strong indication of what’s working and what needs improvements.

First, you’ll rate how your firm handles it’s 54 best business practices.

Next, rate your current clients. And lastly if you’re in a business where you determine your rates, like accounting, see if you are leaking profits.

Get it done. Know once and for all where your strengths are, as well as your weaknesses. Know exactly why you are so dammed overwhelmed or are not earning what you deserve. AND know everything you’re doing right, too!

Our Business Evaluator helps you to…

  • Measure 54 key indicators of a successful, highly profitable business.
  • Test your business in key areas that affect income, expense and production.
  • Learn exactly where your business excels and what areas need improvement.
  • Find new areas you haven’t thought about before, but could use to gain a competitive edge.
  • Use the results to create a plan to get your business up the steps of success – and beyond!

It’s worth at least $147,  but you’ll get it free with a subscription to Focus! Ezine at    The information is on our Thank You page and will also be sent to you in an email.