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Want To Be A Coach? Looking To Hire A Coach? These Resources Can Help!

The Professional Coach Is…

  • Your partner in achieving business and personal goals
  • Your champion during a turnaround
  • Your trainer in communication and life skills
  • Your sounding board when making choices
  • Your motivation when strong actions are called for
  • Your unconditional support when you take a hit
  • Your co-designer when creating an extraordinary project
  • Your beacon during stormy times
  • Your wake-up call if you don’t hear your own, and most importantly
  • Your coach is your partner in having all of what matters most to you.

Copyright Thomas J. Leonard, 1955-2003, Father of Coaching, Founder of Coach U, Coachville, and two coaching associations ICF, IAC.

Maria Marsala, business coach worked for Thomas from 2000-2003, graduated from Coach U in 2000, and was a founding member of Coachville and the IAC

Results of Landmark ICF Global Coaching Client Study Released for International Coaching Week

From late September through November 2008, 2,165 coaching clients from 64 countries responded to the client survey, which was offered in English, French, German, and Spanish.

The highlights of the survey findings include:
— 96.2 percent of coaching clients report they would repeat their coaching experience.
— 82.7 percent of coaching clients report they are “very satisfied” with their coaching experience.
— The top three motivations for obtaining coaching are 1) Self-esteem/Self-confidence (40.9 percent); 2) Work/Life Balance (35.6 percent); and Career Opportunities (26.8 percent).
— The largest cluster of coaching clients are between the ages of 36 and 45 (35.9 percent).
— The duration for the average coaching relationship for survey participants was 12.8 months.

To read the report, click here

10 Of The Main Places Where Financial Advisors Get Stuck

  1. How to have a full-filling life AND run a viable business at the same time
  2. Managing your growing team or customers
  3. Managing your own time
  4. Running the operations or management of your business (or both)
  5. Turning strangers into clients
  6. Getting referrals
  7. Figuring out the best ways to sell, market, networking
  8. Determining which social networking sites to use, for how long, and for what reasons
  9. Determining how to be a better leader
  10. Developing or bringing in new products to sell to their current clients.

If you’re stuck in one or more of those places, start here

Coaching Resources

10 Reasons to Hire Coach Maria

by Maria Marsala

Summary: Considering hiring a coach? These are just some of the ways Maria can assist you.


Clean Sweep® stress from your life.
Open more free time.
Accelerate your growth.
Clarify your values.
Have a balanced life that works well.
Make better life & business decisions.
Address what you are tolerating.
Reach your full potential.
Implement a life or business growth plan.
Affirm your state of integrity.

Basic Coaching Information

Coaching Schools and Programs