How to Know Whether Your Vision Board Will Work

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How to Know Whether Your Vision Board Will Work or Fail

Creating a vision board is fun.  Some people hold vision board parties filled with clients, friends, family, fun, laughter, music, and food.  Who doesn’t love a party, and what’s not to like about cutting out photos of your ideal life?

However, some people are quick to dismiss vision boards as being “woo woo” or magical or as creative puzzles that just don’t work.  Whether your vision board will work or not boils down to a few simple tips.  Follow them and you’ll likely see success.  Ignore them and you’ll likely get distracted, frustrated, and angry that you wasted time making the board.

Tip #1: Less Is More

Typically, people like to fill a gigantic piece of cardboard with dozens of photos of their hopes and dreams.  This can include everything from the dream mansion by the ocean to the diamonds and private yachts.  But how can you focus on achieving all those big-ticket items at once?  Most people can’t focus simultaneously on multiple goals (especially huge ones), so they get distracted and miss important opportunities.  Edit the number of photos you use on your vision board and decide which of those goals you want to reach first or in the next two years.

Tip #2: Prioritize Your Goals

What is most important to you: taking a one- or two-month-long vacation, living by the ocean, or redoing your kitchen?  The fancy sports car or the ability to travel around the world?  These are just examples, of course, but you need to prioritize each photo you find and really ask yourself WHY you want it on your board.  Is it truly important to you, or is it a flashback from childhood?  If a photo isn’t important to you, your subconscious will know that.  In this case, you will only get distracted or confused about what you should be working toward.

Tip #3: Act Now

Vision boards are not mystical or magical.  Just because you put the photos together and post them in your office doesn’t mean things will start magically appearing.  If you want to win the lottery, you still need to take action and buy the ticket, right?  The same is true of vision boards.  If you want to buy your first home, take some action.  Do some research or hire a realtor, talk to a mortgage broker to get pre-approved, and then increase your marketing efforts to find more coaching clients.

Tip #4: Believe That You Are Good Enough

Mindset is everything when it comes to making goals a reality.  If you fall victim to the negative self-talk that says you’re an imposter or undeserving of greatness, you will be less likely to “act now” toward your goals.  How many times have you talked yourself out of creating a class or program because you think, ‘Who wants to learn from me?’ Changing your mindset and releasing the blocks that hold you back doesn’t happen overnight.  However, when you hear those negative thoughts invading, say out loud, “Why NOT me?  Why shouldn’t I be the one to reach success?  If not me, then who and why do they deserve it more?”


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